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Joints vs Blunts

Joints and blunts are two popular methods of consuming cannabis, but there are some distinct differences between these two smoking styles. Joints typically consist of marijuana rolled in thin papers, while a blunt is made with a cigar or cigarillo wrapper emptied and refilled with cannabis. Blunt wraps tend to be thicker than rolling papers, giving blunts a much more potent flavor than joints. They also tend to burn slower, allowing you to enjoy your cannabis experience for longer.

Joints: Beginners Choice

When it comes to joints, they are often preferred by those who want lighter smoke with less of an impact on their lungs. This makes them ideal for beginning smokers or those more sensitive to marijuana’s effects. Joints are usually rolled with one or two papers, making them easier to manage and pass around between people.

Blunts for Pro’s

Blunts, however, require a bit more skill to roll correctly. It would be best if you emptied the cigar/cigarillo wrapper, filled it with cannabis, and then rolled it up carefully. Blunts produce much thicker and denser smoke, making them more potent than joints. They also require more cannabis to achieve the desired effect, so those looking for an economic smoking experience might not be thrilled with blunts. That being said, those who enjoy the fuller flavor of the cigar/cigarillo paper may find the additional cost worth it.

Herb Size Matters

Beyond herb grinders, dugouts, and pollen presses, there are other elements to consider when choosing between a joint or blunt. For instance, the size of your herb determines which one you choose. Joints require finer herb that is ground down using a herb grinder. On the other hand, blunts have larger herb pieces and may not need to be ground down. Additionally, due to its size, you’ll need more herb for a blunt than for a joint.

Joints are also easier to roll and require fewer materials compared to blunts. All that is necessary is rolling papers, an herb grinder, and herb. On the other hand, blunts need cigar wraps, herb grinder, and herb. Blunts also take more experience to roll and can be harder to light due to their increased size.

Smoking Experience

When it comes to smoking, joints provide a smoother taste since the herb is finely ground down. While on the other hand, blunts are harsher since larger herb pieces may contain stems or seeds.


Ultimately, the decision between joints and blunts is highly personal. Consider which herb size you prefer, how much herb you’d like to use, and what type of experience you want in your smoking session. Considering all the elements discussed here will help make choosing between a joint or blunt an easy decision.

We hope you found this guide to joints vs. blunts helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts, who are here to provide guidance and advice. With the proper knowledge, herb grinders, dugouts, and pollen presses by your side – plus a little practice – you’ll be rolling the ideal joint or blunt for your next smoking session in no time. Happy smoking!

source: https://ryot.com/joints-vs-blunts-everything-you-need-to-know/


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