5 House Problems to Resolve Before Moving In Infographic

You finally found a home to call your own. But before bringing all of your belongings inside, there are a few maintenance tasks that need to be completed. Solving these problems prior to moving in will make your life much simpler. Here are five home issues you should resolve before setting a date with a professional moving company.

1. Harmful Pests

We advise asking a professional to check your house for pest infestations. Get a pest problem treated right away if there is one. Spraying chemicals or gassing the premises are two common pest control methods. When the chemicals in the residence start to spread, it is best to be far away. It is unhealthy to consume or be around pesticides. You won’t be allowed to dwell in the residence for several days if fumigation is required. To avoid having to leave soon after moving in, it is important to take care of this now. You can then concentrate on other stuff.

2. Smell of Cigarettes

One of the most difficult smells to get rid of in a house or car is the cigarette smoke smell. Prior to the stench permeating all of your stuff, strive to eliminate it. Not only does that impair the quality of the air, but it also has one of the strongest odors.

  • Ventilate the house as much as you can by opening all the windows.
  • Get the air ducts and carpet cleaned by a professional.
  • Clean the walls and use white vinegar to disinfect any surfaces.
  • To stop fumes from entering your air ducts and your nose, clean HVAC evaporator coils with detergent and water. Although it’s not simple, doing it before relocating your possessions will fix this issue.

3. Structural Problems

Did your house inspection uncover any structural problems? If so, have these problems taken care of before you move in. Specific structural problems that are not fixed could be dangerous. Water damage, roof damage, faulty wiring, sloping doors, and drywall damage are a few examples of frequent structural issues. All of these problems could grow larger and cost more if they are neglected. If you put off fixing structural problems, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

4. Large Cosmetic Problems

Minor cosmetic faults can be fixed later, but serious problems need to be fixed before you move in. It will be much simpler to paint your complete house before anything is inside. To avoid causing paint damage, the furniture must be covered, shielded, or moved once it is inside. Before moving in, you should also take care of any other issues like refinishing hardwood floors, filling holes in the walls or flooring, deep cleaning the inside, and substantial restorations.

5. Faulty Appliances

It’s imperative to fix broken appliances before bringing your family home. It may take weeks or months for new appliances to arrive, so plan ahead to avoid inconveniences when it comes time to do laundry or prepare a meal. It may seem tedious to postpone your move-in date even further, but you’ll be so pleased you did when moving into a freshened-up, safe, and ready-to-go home. Test all the appliances before moving in to avoid being trapped with a faulty appliance the first week in your new home.

You surely don’t want your first week in your new house to be ruined by vermin, the smell of cigarette smoke, structural problems, aesthetic problems, or malfunctioning equipment. You’ll want your new trip to get off to a great start. Find a storage and moving firm that will hold onto your items while you take care of your other tasks if you have a lot on your plate.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/house-problems-to-resolve-before-moving-in/


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