5 IT Professional Skills Infographic

The desired skills for IT positions vary widely based on your organizational role. Some employers seek individuals with experience in specific software or programming languages, while others prefer candidates with a broad knowledge base in information technology. Key skills employers often look for include programming, where even basic knowledge of languages like HTML or C++ can enhance efficiency and understanding. For coding positions, proficiency in multiple languages is highly valued. Cybersecurity is crucial as cyber attacks are increasingly targeting various entities, and knowledge in this area can protect organizational assets, especially in smaller businesses that may not afford a full-time security team. Machine learning, often confused with AI, is vital for developing algorithms to analyze large datasets quickly and accurately, and it is useful for data professionals in business growth and product development. Cloud computing is growing in importance as businesses turn to this storage solution to eliminate the need for extensive server rooms and enable on-demand data access. Lastly, DevOps roles bridge development and operations, requiring a comprehensive understanding of both areas to enhance software development practices and ensure efficient and secure development processes. These skills can open numerous doors, offering varied opportunities in the IT landscape.

source: https://perelson.com/it-skills-what-employers-wish-you-knew/


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