5 Knife Buying Checklists Infographic

When buying a knife online, taking special precautions is important to avoid buyer’s remorse. First, scrutinize the seller’s credibility by reading reviews to ensure you purchase from a legitimate website and not fall for a scam. Next, evaluate the knife’s functionality. Even if a knife looks appealing, it’s crucial that it performs well. Reviews can reveal whether the knife is effective for slicing, filleting, or cutting, helping you avoid counterfeit products. Additionally, consider how the knife will be shipped. Since shipping knives through the U.S. Postal Service is illegal, ensure it will be delivered by a private carrier like FedEx or UPS to avoid legal complications. Checking the return policy is also essential; reputable companies usually offer reasonable return options, while sites with only final sales may be dubious. Lastly, verify the legality of the knife in your state. Knife laws vary widely, so make sure the knife you’re purchasing is legal in your area to prevent legal issues. These steps will help you make a safe and satisfactory online knife purchase.

source: https://eknives.com/blog/how-to-prevent-buyers-remorse-when-buying-knives-online/


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