5 Mountain Wedding Perks Infographic

Can you envision a more captivating backdrop to joyfully exchange vows than the majestic Colorado mountains? Whether you opt for an intimate ceremony on a chairlift, embark on a scenic trek to the summit, or gather everyone for a foothills celebration, the expansive mountain panoramas will envelop your wedding in enchantment.

1. All About the View

When planning a wedding in the Colorado mountains, consider the breathtaking vistas and choose a beautiful location like Steamboat Springs. Outdoor ceremonies offer the best experience, but post-vows, consider indoor reception venues like a restaurant or cabin. Sauvage Restaurant offers French-inspired cuisine and a romantic setting, accommodating 70–75 guests for a seated dinner or 120 for a casual setup.

2. Consider the Season

Planning a wedding in a natural setting, particularly if you envision an outdoor ceremony, requires careful consideration of the season. Whether it’s a snowy winter affair or a warm summer celebration, factor in appropriate attire, transportation, and accommodations for guests. Budget considerations may also influence your choice of season, as some mountain locations have peak times, like summer and ski season, that can be more costly.

Every outdoor event needs a contingency plan for rain. Be prepared to delay the ceremony, move it under cover or a tent, or relocate the entire event indoors. Prepare and communicate backup plans to vendors and guests.

Mountain temperatures can vary significantly. Even in summer, a hot, sunny day can turn chilly by nightfall, a critical consideration for outdoor receptions.

3. Local Dining

Opting for a natural setting like Colorado’s mountains allows you to infuse the environment into your wedding, not just through breathtaking views but also through the food and drinks shared with guests. Choose local options for reception catering, leveraging Colorado’s wealth of local farms, vineyards, and breweries. Research local beers, wines, and food products to incorporate into the menu. If your wedding reception is at a local restaurant in Steamboat Springs, prioritize those that emphasize local, fresh, farm-to-table options for a delightful dining experience.

4. Hire Experienced Vendors

All your vendors, including the photographer, caterer, florist, and planner, should be well-versed in the intricacies of planning a Colorado mountain wedding. Mountain venues come with unique challenges and requirements, and it’s crucial to ensure your vendors are up to the task. Opt for local vendors who understand transportation logistics to mountain sites, reducing stress on the big day.

5. Natural Touches

Incorporate natural elements into your mountain wedding, using log cabins, local florists, wood and stone accents, and mountain activities. In Steamboat Springs, renowned florists can create floral arrangements that complement mountain views. Consider seasonal appropriateness and minimalist decor to allow nature to take center stage.

Embracing the alpine aesthetic offers numerous avenues, whether it’s infusing nature’s beauty into every small wedding detail or reaching the summit adorned in your wedding attire. The majestic allure of Colorado’s mountains will enhance the visual and emotional appeal of your wedding, allowing you to concentrate on the profound joy of marrying your beloved and commemorating that enduring commitment

source: https://sauvage-restaurant.com/plan-the-perfect-colorado-mountain-wedding/


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