5 Outdoor Knife Guidelines Infographic

Outdoor activities demand the right knife, whether for fishing, hunting, cooking, survival, or bushcrafting.

The Cardiff Fixed Blade Fillet Knife by Toor Knives is perfect for fishing with its 8-inch blade coated for corrosion resistance and a secure G10 handle.

Hunters rely on the GP3 Stroup Knife, featuring a 4.25-inch Wharncliffe blade and durable G10 handle for precision skinning and field dressing.

In outdoor kitchens, the Benchmade Meatcrafter Knife excels with its 6.08-inch S45VN blade and carbon fiber handle, ideal for filleting fish or slicing vegetables.

Survival calls for the robust Egress Carbon Rescue Knife by Toor Knives, boasting a quarter-inch thick CPM-S35VN blade and a versatile SERE hook.

Bushcraft enthusiasts favor the 162 Sibert Bushcraft Knife from Benchmade, offering a 4.4-inch S30V Satin Drop Point blade for woodwork and game processing.

For versatility, the Jenny Wren Spike tomahawk is ideal, featuring an 80CRV2 carbon steel blade and 3D-machined G10 handle for various outdoor tasks.

source: https://eknives.com/blog/the-complete-outdoor-enthusiast-knife-guide/


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