5 Photography Enhancements Infographic

Describing a photographer’s style is often complex, combining various creative elements resulting in a unique and identifiable look. Discovering your style involves researching what others are doing, experimenting with new ideas, and settling into what you love. Start by looking at as many photographs as possible and creating a folder or mood board of inspiring images. As you review these, you’ll recognize elements that resonate with you, such as composition, lighting, mood, theme, angle, depth of field, coloring, and editing effects. Once you identify what you like, approach your next photography session with intention, experimenting, and stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve your desired results. It’s crucial to stop comparing your work to others, whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned professional. Focus on creating photographs you love rather than what others prefer. Finally, put the images you’re proud of out into the world through an online portfolio or social media. This introduces potential clients to your style and attracts those who appreciate it. Remember, not everyone will vibe with your work, and some will have strong opinions. Embrace your style and let your unique perspective shine.

source: https://photographybusinessinstitute.com/blogs/how-to-discover-and-develop-your-photography-style/


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