5 Pickleball Court Sources Infographic

Like many others, you’ve finally decided to try pickleball and have fallen in love with the game and its enthusiastic community. The only problem now is finding a place to play. Start by asking other pickleball players, who often know the best local courts, including hidden gems. Social media is another great resource; platforms like MeetUp, Facebook, and Instagram can connect you with fellow players and local pickleball groups. Look for local pickleball clubs and communities, which often organize regular games, tournaments, and clinics. Private gyms and sports clubs may also offer pickleball courts; reach out to these facilities to inquire about availability and take advantage of any free or low-cost day passes they offer. Finally, tap into the broader pickleball community by asking around at school drop-offs or joining local clubs. Engaging with this supportive network will help you find places to play and deepen your connection to the sport.

source: https://pickleballmastery.com/pickleball-proximity-how-to-find-courts-and-games-near-you/


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