5 Portable Restroom Trailer Checklists Infographic

Portable restroom trailers are an excellent option for businesses and events requiring more sophistication than the standard temporary toilet. With so many options and features available, deciding what to add to your fleet and when can be overwhelming. Here are five factors to help determine what you and your business need:

What Purpose Would You Like Your Portable Trailers To Serve?

Determining the role your trailers will play is the initial step in selecting the ideal one. Consider if you require more than restroom facilities, such as shower amenities or storage space. Additionally, assess if gender-specific facilities are necessary. Addressing these queries aids in refining your options and choosing the most suitable facility.

source: https://www.portablerestroomtrailers.com/blog/5-questions-to-consider-when-buying-portable-restroom-trailers/


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