5 Print and Mail Misconceptions Infographic

The idea of outsourcing your commercial mail services can seem overwhelming for various reasons, often due to outdated or simply untrue misconceptions. One common concern is the fear of giving up control when handing over mail projects to another company. However, hiring the right company means gaining a highly skilled partner. Many organizations send sensitive information through the mail daily. Outsourcing to a reputable company can enhance security measures with rigorous protocols and advanced technologies. Outsourcing is often considered time-consuming, but adding a printing service can save time. A good printing company streamlines communication, decision-making, and production for their customers. Outsourcing to a professional mail service can save money compared to producing mail in-house, considering costs like machine leases, maintenance, materials, office space, and labor. Finally, some fear losing creative control when using a print-to-mail service, worried it provides only one-size-fits-all solutions. However, these services can customize the mail to be as unique as your organization. A top-notch print-to-mail service will design and layout your project according to your specifications, collaborating with you to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand and needs. Outsourcing commercial mail services may seem daunting, but with the right partner, you can gain control, security, efficiency, cost savings, and creative flexibility, making it a beneficial choice for many businesses.

source: https://townemailer.com/5-print-and-mail-misconceptions-debunked/


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