5 Proposed VA Benefit Cuts: Our Veterans Deserve Better Infographic

The recent proposals to cut VA disability benefits are disheartening. These measures fail to consider the ongoing mental health crisis affecting our veterans and could also significantly harm the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

We’re in a time where we should be boosting our support for veterans, not threatening to undermine the essential benefits they rely on. Our veterans have selflessly served our nation, and we are responsible for ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve when they return home.

These five proposed VA benefit cuts to the VA disability benefits program will negatively impact our veterans today and tomorrow.

Proposal 1: Removing VA Disability Pay for Veterans Who Work

The first proposed cut aims to remove VA disability pay for veterans who work and earn a certain amount. This proposal could directly impact disability compensation for veterans with higher incomes. Currently, 5.2 million veterans receive disability compensation from the VA. However, lawmakers are focused on the fact that VA disability compensation is increasing faster than inflation without considering the mental health crisis veterans face, which has led to increased disability costs.

Proposal 2: Ending TDIU, or 100% Disability Payment Rate, for Veterans Who Can’t Work Once They Hit Retirement Age

The second proposal aims to end Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU), or 100% disability payment rate, for veterans who can’t work once they reach retirement age. This proposal could affect veterans in two ways: stopping TDIU payments to veterans aged 67 or older or affecting veterans who start receiving TDIU after December 2023. This proposal fails to consider the debilitating nature of service-connected disabilities and the financial challenges faced by disabled veterans.

Proposal 3: Taxing VA Disability Payments

The third proposal suggests taxing VA disability payments, which have never been taxed before. Taxing these payments would harm the financial situation of every disabled veteran and send a discouraging message to our nation’s veterans, suggesting that their sacrifices are not fully recognized or appreciated.

Proposal 4: Ending Disability Compensation for Veterans with a 10% and 20% Disability Rating

The fourth proposal suggests ending disability compensation for veterans with either a 10% or 20% disability rating, affecting 1.1 million veterans. This proposal would limit eligibility for disability compensation, creating barriers for veterans who might need additional support in the future. It fails to recognize that veterans with lower disability ratings still experience the impacts of their service-connected disabilities daily.

Proposal 5: Reducing VA Disability Compensation by 30% Once Veterans Hit SSA Retirement Age

The fifth proposal would reduce VA disability compensation by 30% once veterans reach Social Security’s full retirement age. This reduction fails to consider the mental and emotional impact on veterans, especially those experiencing additional challenges associated with aging.

It’s time to take a stand against these proposals. We need to support our veterans rather than cut the benefits that help them lead stable and fulfilling lives. Instead of proposing cuts to their disability benefits, we must advocate for policies prioritizing the well-being of our veterans and their families, acknowledging the value of their service and the challenges they face daily. Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices serving our country, and we must ensure they receive the care, assistance, and recognition they deserve.

source: https://vaclaimsinsider.com/5-proposed-va-benefit-cuts/


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