5 Questions to Ask Customer Service Candidates Infographic

Hiring employees requires skills. You need to have evaluation skills to identify which one is the best candidate for the position that is vacant. There are times when the credentials of the person look outstanding but when they are in the field, their performance fell short of your expectations. That is why during the recruitment process, you need to have effective interview questions to gauge their sincerity and passion towards the job that they are applying for. This infographic provides five tips on what questions you should throw to the applicants and the possible responses that can get from it. However, in the end, it will be your call whether to hire the person or not.

1. To check how much they like to work as a customer service representative, ask them how the job means for them. The answer will show their knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the possible job. It will also allow you to gauge how articulate they including the values they hold on to. Such potential can be seen through this question.

2. Another question that you can ask them about is their experience. Finding the most difficult scenario they have encountered and how they responded to it can show whether they have empathy or not. They can also show how positive they are when it comes to handling customer complaints. Their problem-solving skills can also be highlighted in this question.

3. Customer service requires teamwork. An employee who can easily work with others is fitted for this job. They should be charismatic and likes to socialize with other members of the team. Asking them about how they feel about working with others will give you an idea if they could fit in your team. If they prefer doing the job alone, perhaps, you can reject their application.

4. You can only tell if the applicant is serious in his or her application if he/she can answer the questions about the organization. It is expected that when you apply for a job, you must know the nature of the organization. You can start the interview with this question. However, it is not the only basis for your evaluation.

5. Let the applicant tell a story of his or her achievements in the previous job they handled. But, you must also provide a certain scenario that usually happens in your organization. Provide them the hardest scenario that you can think of. Their answers will tell you whether they have the necessary skills for the job and how fast they can react to a certain situation.

6. When you make decisions as to which candidate you must hire, always have impartial and unbiased approach because it might affect the company in the long run. Also, you must avoid the halo error which means that you will only evaluate the person based on one criterion. Instead, evaluate them based on the overall qualities that you can see in them both through their credentials, answer to aptitude tests and of course the interview questions.

source: https://perelson.com/interview-questions-to-ask-every-customer-service-candidate/


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