5 Reasons Feedback and Reviews Are Important for Online Sellers Infographic

Companies have different strategies to ensure that their target market will buy their product. They invest in market research, product development and other significant endeavours that will allow them to predict possible problems and provide a solution even before it happens. However, for online businesses, feedbacks and reviews alone can provide the answer to the critical questions or concerns raised by consumers. How can consumers send their message to online sellers? That can only be done through allowing feedbacks or reviews in their products and services. An Amazon sales manager knows when to take the feedback seriously and when to delete it. This infographic provides reasons why feedbacks and reviews should be allowed.

1. A feedback and an answer to that feedback refresh your site. What could this mean? Search engines go through each page of an e-commerce site to check on which sites are accessed more by customers. This could lead to more searches and definitely can lead to high search rankings. High search rankings mean that your site could be listed in the first page of Google search engine and it will be highly visible to searchers.

2. If you are selling in Amazon, you can probably tell that not all of your products will have good performances. There will be products that are not even seen by consumers. This is because other potential customers do not know how your product performs. By seeking out positive reviews, it can encourage others to buy the product. Also, understanding which products do not perform will help you in making a decision whether to erase the product from your list of offerings.

3. Customers that are not satisfied with your product will provide suggestions on how you can improve the product or service. They can only relay it to your through the review section. You should not take it negatively. Instead, take it as a suggestion for improvement because that is what the customers want. Neglecting customer requirements is the biggest mistake in business.

4. Customer relationship management can also be done through feedbacks and review sections of product listings. How is it possible? If you respond to the concerns immediately, customers will feel that they are important. Hence, it creates a positive relationship with them. This is also where you can promise better products and services next time.

5. In business, being proactive is a necessity. It means that you are thinking of some ways to eliminate the problem or do not let a problem even occur. Feedbacks and reviews allow this to happen. Since this is where you can find customers’ feelings about your products or services, you can easily detect whether a problem might occur in the future. A complaint from the single customer should not be ignored because it might lead to a phenomenon called the multiplier effect. By reacting to it immediately, you can prevent other problems to occur in the long run.

6. You should not hesitate to allow review section especially if you are treating your business seriously. It only means that you are open for improvements which customers certainly favour.

Source: https://www.wishinguwell.com/the-importance-of-feedback-and-reviews/


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