5 Reasons Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend After an Accident Infographic

One thing that makes people not scared of reckless driving or personal injury is because they have insurance policies that can back and get them out of the problem. However, no insurance company can replace a broken bone or even lost life because of the accident. Even if you are still at the hospital, the insurance company would be calling very eagerly to pay you for the damages their clients have brought into your life. If you fall into their schemes, you might end having less than what you really deserve. That is why personal injury attorneys are there to help you win this case and get the claim that can be rightfully given to you. However, before you get the help of an injury attorney, an insurance company may pay you a visit. Should you accommodate them as a friend? Well, you can. But, beware of the following plans they may be plotting.

1. You must not tell them how you really feel about the injuries. Whether you feel less or more, keep shut about it. It is better is you keep it to yourself because whether you say that it hurts so bad, they might say that you are simply dramatizing and exaggerating the injury. Downplaying a plaintiff’s injury often lessen the claim.

2. The insurance company representatives will investigate the case. They would ask you about the facts of the incident; unfortunately, they might twist your words that would be detrimental to your case. Do not let them score you with your own testimonies. So, if they are asking what can you do? Don’t share anything with them and let your lawyer handle the situation.

3. It might be a desperate measure for them but certainly, you will be offered with a quick settlement and persuade you not to pursue the case. Do not get easily excited of the amount they will offer you because certainly, that will be less than what you will get if you win in court. If they see that you are a bit uneasy and your principles can be shaken, they will increase it a little bit. But, that’s just a bait. Ward them off by showing that you are firm with your decision to let the court settle the matter.

4. The insurance company may send a doctor to run a medical test on you. Is this something you should be thankful about? Definitely not. Aside from the doctor assigned by the court, do not be easily checked by any doctor. This is because some insurance companies intentionally send a doctor to have a firsthand diagnosis of your medical condition. The problem is that they might give a misinterpretation of the doctor’s findings and consider that the injuries pre-existed the accident.

5. The last defense of the insurance company is saying that it was a pure accident and that no one was at fault. You were merely at the place when you should not be there. It could be unfair on your part because you are the victim but once they can prove it, another problem might come into your way. Before things get worse, hire an injury attorney.

source: https://www.tingeylawfirm.com/how-insurance-companies-shortchange-personal-injury-accident-victims/


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