5 Reasons To Avoid DIY Towing Infographic

If you need to get an automobile from point A to point B, towing your vehicle might seem like a simple solution. After all, going the DIY route usually saves time and money, right? But when it comes to towing a vehicle, many people learn the hard way that the DIY approach is fraught with risks. While a quick YouTube tutorial might make you feel like a towing expert, transporting a vehicle should be left to professionals. Whether you need to move a broken-down truck or a fully functioning sedan, the best choice is to work with a local tow service, and here’s why.

Vehicle Damage

Towing a vehicle the wrong way can cause significant damage to the vehicle in tow. You must take the proper precautions to ensure the vehicle is connected correctly and loaded appropriately. Without the knowledge and expertise of a certified towing company, you could make a mess of your car in no time.

Towing a vehicle involves intricate procedures. Each type of vehicle needs to be towed in a specific manner, depending on its make, model, and features. If you lack this knowledge, attempting to tow your vehicle on your own may lead to costly damages. Not only is the vehicle in tow at risk, but also the towing vehicle itself. Not every vehicle is equipped to handle the stress of towing.


DIY towing without the proper equipment and skills is inherently dangerous. While a professional towing company with trained individuals might make towing look easy, it’s far from straightforward.
Poor execution of DIY towing can pose threats to those within the tow vehicle and other drivers on the road.

Driving Skills

Towing a vehicle requires a distinct skill set that differs significantly from everyday driving. When towing, you need to make wider turns, brake earlier and slower, and allow for more room when merging lanes or passing other vehicles. Limited visibility further complicates these basic maneuvers. Even driving on a windy day can become a challenging task.

Knowledge Base

Towing involves a deep understanding of various factors. Do you have the knowledge and expertise to carry out a tow service safely? Towing a vehicle is a complex task, and overlooking any of these elements can jeopardize your safety and that of others on the road.


Towing regulations vary by state, and towing protocols depend on location. Every state has specific laws and regulations governing towing, making it essential to be well-informed about the rules in your area.

To ensure compliance, professional towing companies stay up-to-date with the latest legal specifications and protocols. Attempting a DIY tow without this knowledge can result in breaking the law and potential legal consequences.
Furthermore, DIY towing can lead to insurance coverage issues.

While DIY solutions make sense in some situations, towing a vehicle is not one of them. Relying on the expertise of a professional towing company that comprehends the intricacies and technicalities of the job is the wisest course of action.

Whether you require emergency vehicle transport or move a car from one location to another, choosing the safe and intelligent option is paramount.

source: https://roadsiderescueinc.com/5-reasons-you-should-avoid-diy-towing/


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