5 Reasons to Visit the Dentist Infographic

We all recognize the telltale signs of a crisis: the flashing blue and red lights, the collected people who appear nervous, the occasional siren, and possibly a group of people. Our mouths matter, and there are instances when prompt action can keep them healthy, whole, and intact, even if it might not be a life-or-death issue. Here are five scenarios that call for an urgent dental appointment:

1. Knocked out Tooth

As soon as you can, try to put the tooth back in its proper position and keep it there until you can see the dentist. If required, look for a dentist who is available round-the-clock. Limiting exposure to air and bacteria will help protect and safeguard the nerves. Come to the dentist even if the tooth cannot be saved. They’ll need to evaluate any more oral injuries and assist you in coming up with a plan to replace the gap created by the missing tooth. Your jawbone and other teeth will be healthier if an implant or bridge replaces the gap.

2. Dental Abscess

A pus-filled pocket is a tooth abscess. Pus isn’t a fun subject to discuss, but it is a sign of infection, maybe a serious one. Warriors who fight microorganisms are gathered here. The abscess can occasionally be seen clearly on the gums. They may sometimes be far below the surface. But they need to be treated right away since they are hurt no matter where they are. Abscesses should be treated soon. A hiding abscess may be present if you experience oral pain, swelling, or a fever; therefore, you should visit a dentist as quickly as possible. If a tooth infection is not treated, it may spread to other areas of your body, necessitating more intensive and costly care.

3. Swelling

Even while not every swelling indicates a dental abscess, all swelling needs to be taken seriously. Again, swelling shows something is amiss, and your body is mobilizing efforts to deal with it.

4. Lost Crown or Filling

Take your phone out and dial a dentist right away if a crown or filling falls out. This is a dental health issue, not just a bothersome aesthetic one. A tooth is left exposed and vulnerable when missing a crown or filling. Food fragments can quickly enter cracks and immediately begin the dirty business of degradation. Visit a dentist as soon as you lose a crown or filling.

5. Exposed Nerves

This one hurts, as bad as it sounds. Ignoring #4 on this list is frequently a contributing factor. However, it might also occur if a cavity goes neglected. The degradation will eventually advance to a nerve, exposing it to the elements. If you have an exposed nerve, you will be incredibly sensitive to cold and heat in food and drink, even in the air you breathe. An exposed nerve indicates that the tooth has been damaged and requires care. You won’t get a tough guy award for disregarding discomfort, but you can have greater nerve damage and have to pay more for your dental work.

source: https://myemergencydental.com/5-reasons-you-should-head-to-the-dentist-immediately/


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