5 Reasons Why Moms Love Pole Dancing Infographic

As a mother, you frequently serve as the default parent or primary caretaker. What if there was a workout that not only improved your physical health but also empowered and entertained you? Here are some reasons to try pole dancing, especially if you’re a mother.

1. Boosts Your Esteem

Being a mother puts a physical and emotional strain on us. You may feel strong and be reminded that you are more than simply that role by pole dancing. You may still be a Supermom while still being attractive and powerful.

Furthermore, media messages can make you feel self-conscious about the way your body looks or the scars and stretch marks you’ve acquired. Pole dancing is not about how your body appears; it’s about how you feel and what it can do. Dancers come in a variety of sizes and forms.

2. Helps Your Balance, Flexibility, and Energy

Pole dancing can improve your balance and coordination whether you tumble over level ground or can navigate a tightrope while wearing blinders. Additionally, you’ll find muscles you didn’t know you had and perhaps start to feel like a bendy pretzel. Without acquiring these abilities, inversions and spins are impossible.

3. Contributes Stress Relief

Have you ever discovered that your children become more erratic when you are under stress? Your emotional state influences that of your children, so when you take some time to unwind after swimming lessons, carpooling, and playdates, your kids will do the same. Exercise also results in the production of endorphins, so every class you attend will naturally elevate your mood.

4. Teaches You to Tackle Hardships Head On

There are several obstacles to parenting. As a mother, it can occasionally be difficult to get through the day. You may use the tenacity you develop by practicing a pole dancing move in other areas of your life. Or when you’ve looked at a pole and believed there was no way you could climb it all, but you tried anyway and succeeded, subsequent challenges you encounter may appear doable.

5. Gives You a Community or Tribe

You may be missing your previous social life since, if you haven’t already realized, parenthood can be a very lonely experience. You’ll get that sense of belonging you’ve been missing by joining the kind and helpful pole dancing community. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet, talk with, and connect with other parents who are just like you.

Is Pole Dancing Safe For Moms?

Can you pole dance while pregnant or after giving birth? Pole dancing is often safe to do while pregnant. Most medical professionals suggest that, with a few tweaks, you can continue whatever workout you have been performing. It is, nevertheless, always preferable to consult your OBGYN. If they give you the all-clear, you could feel a little warmer and have trouble keeping your hold to make motions securely.

In general, pole dancing is a demanding and enjoyable sport for mothers. It’s a great way to work out your entire body, enhance your mental health, and provide you with chances to express yourself and interact with others.

source: https://www.poleactive.com/blogs/news/pole-dancing-for-moms-5-reasons-to-take-a-class


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