5 Reasons You Can't Stop Farting Infographic

Have you experienced that your stomach seems to release something but you really don’t want to because you are in a meeting or a gathering with your family members and friends? Have you ever farted in an elevator? Farting is releasing the gas in your digestive tract. This gas occurs because of the foods that you ate or the condition of your body. Farting is not just because you don’t feel good about the food that you have taken. It is about your lifestyle. This infographic shows some reasons why you can’t stop the release of gasses from your digestive tract. Don’t be sad if you have experienced this in front of many people because the truth is a lot of people have been into such a situation before, they simply don’t show that it was them.

1. If you have a healthy diet which means that you are fond of including fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods in your diet plan, expect that farting will happen more often. Fruits and vegetables contain raffinose and sorbitol that are often indigestible. But, you are a healthy eater and a vegetable lover, what can you do? The best recommendation is simply to release the gas when no one is around. You can go to the bathroom is something is already tickling your digestive tract because you can feel it. Don’t wait for it to simply blast and let embarrassment take over.

2. Love to drink milk before bedtime and during breakfast? If you have not known that you are lactose intolerant, you will experience farting more than any other people in the world. But, if you are aware that your stomach usually gets upset upon drinking milk and any other dairy product, resort to lactose-free products. You can find these products in your shopping center. Always read the labels.

3. Do you eat rice and wheat a lot? Or do you prefer eating cereals? Regardless of what you eat in the morning if you have a gluten allergy, farting will also be part of your morning routine. Constant farting and bloating can be avoided if you prefer non-gluten products in the morning.

4. Are you familiar with the term stress-eating? It is a disorder that you will experience if you are in deep stress. However, aside from the various foods that you take, the relationship between your hormones and digestive tract means that stress can also cause you to fart. This is according to an associate professor at Columbia University- Medical Center in the name of Dr. Maxwell Chait.

5. Soda, soft drinks, champagne, and other fizzy and carbonated drinks can also cause farting. These products provide extra carbon dioxide that causes farting. You can probably relate to this. When you drink soda, especially in the morning, there is a tendency that the gas passes through your mouth, right? In some cases, it passes through your bottom. And when it passes through there, you can expect that it wouldn’t smell good. Aside from its sugar content, you should avoid drinking soda and other beverages of its kind even if they innovated it with different tastes of fruits like lemon and orange.

source: https://healthylifestyle.org/6-reasons-we-cant-stop-farting/


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