5 Rehab Selection Tips Infographic

Seeking support from a reputable organization is crucial for overcoming substance use disorder, as research highlights the effectiveness of rehab programs. When choosing a facility, consider staff credentials, accreditation, and soft credentialing, such as personal recovery experience. Online reviews can be helpful but should be approached with caution; instead, rely on the facility’s local reputation and referrals from healthcare professionals. Financial planning is essential, with costs ranging from $6,000 to $20,000 for a 30-day stay; explore insurance coverage, family support, and alternative funding sources. Selecting a rehab facility close to home allows for easier family involvement, while considering personal preferences for location can enhance comfort. Aftercare planning is crucial for long-term recovery, as ongoing support through resources like support groups and therapy sessions is necessary to minimize the risk of relapse and sustain progress toward a healthier future.

source: https://renaissanceranch.net/5-tips-for-selecting-a-rehab-that-meets-your-needs/


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