5 Roofing Issues and Fixes Infographic

Utah’s diverse weather can be tough on roofs, with water, ice, heat, sun, hail, rain, and wind causing unique challenges. Let’s explore common roofing issues in Utah and how to address or prevent them. Keeping out wildlife is a major concern. Small holes and cracks in the roof can serve as entry points for creatures seeking shelter. Improperly graded roof surfaces can lead to standing water, attracting birds and mosquitoes, while clogged gutters can become nesting sites for birds and stinging insects. Maintaining your roof well can help keep these unwanted guests at bay. Ice dams are a common issue caused by poor attic ventilation or insulation. Trapped warm air in the attic heats the roof, melting snow that refreezes, forming ice dams. Proper vents can stabilize the roof temperature and prevent ice dams. Moisture issues are common. A modern roof should prevent most problems, but if you notice water spots or signs of water, contact a roofing professional immediately. They can identify and fix leaks or recommend a more weather-resistant roof. Excessive heat can impact your roof’s performance. When replacing your roof, consider using lighter-colored materials that reflect more sunlight to reduce indoor temperatures. Roofing contractors can advise on cool-roof technologies suited for Salt Lake City’s climate. Wind is another challenge; Utah’s strong winds during winter storms can dislodge shingles. Consider using slate or concrete roofing materials in windy areas, as they can withstand gusts up to 125 MPH and last a century or more. Understanding common roofing issues and taking proactive measures can help ensure your roof remains in good condition and continues to protect your home against Utah’s challenging weather.

source: https://gobighorn.com/common-utah-roofing-problems-and-how-to-address-them/


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