5 Secrets of Great Managers Infographic

How can you be a great manager? Do you need to be so intelligent? Actually, not really! Smart managers are the ones who often succeed in the corporate world. They know how to deal with people, deal with everyday living, conflicts in the office and a bunch of paper works. But a great manager fears not these stuff because they know how to deal with it. However, the secret to becoming a great manager can be developed through your experiences, reading management books and reading some insights such as the ones that can be found in this infographic.

1. The first key to successful management is communication. It is the only channel where you can be understood and for you to understand your employees. During the communication process, you must be objective and get rid of biases because it might create dissonance between and among your employees. It is also a medium where you can say your expectations about them as well as the reasons why they are sanctioned or penalized. When there are complaints or clarifications, address them using the proper channel so that you won’t be misunderstood.

2. How can your employees work properly? Give them the right tools to use. Before giving them the task, train them first. They need to know what output is expected of them and how they can produce it. In addition, you should not hurry them so much. Give them adequate time to learn how to use the tools so that they won’t be “half cooked” before getting deployed to actual work area.

3. Have you heard that unhappiness can also spread in the workplace? If your employee is unhappy and they have grudges over you, they might spread unhappiness in your area of work. Being scared upon is different from being respected. You can’t push them to do so. This happens when employees can’t talk to their managers. Because they can’t let the management know what they resentments they have, they will say it to their colleagues. You must be approachable but you must know how to set boundaries from being a friend and a manager at the same time. Probably, this is the most challenging role of a manager.

4. You might get caught up by the challenges of your managerial job. You would be looking at your charts of goals, targets and quotas and you forget the simple things that life is offering at you.

5. Most of all, you need to maintain a work-life balance. Sleeping late at night and skipping meals for your job will pose health risks that could mean loss of job and even loss of life. More so, you won’t be able to think right if your stress level is too high. You must learn to balance your work because at the end of the day, it is still yourself that matter and not just the company where you belong. If the load is too much to handle, learn to delegate them effectively. Aside from lessening it, you are also showing to your subordinates that you trust them.

source: https://perelson.com/the-secrets-of-great-managers/


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