5 Security Risks for Small Businesses Infographic

Protecting company data is essential not just for big businesses but most especially to start-up companies who hold something valuable that could eventually lead the firm to success. If you are a new business and you want to ensure that your trade secrets and other significant information will not be accessed by anyone, there are security measures that you need to take. This infographic presents information that you may have been aware of but was not able to properly implement it into your system. To remind you on some basic safety and security measures, care to read the rest of the infographic.

1. Install a system that will always upgrade your firewall against malware. However, what if you can’t pay for such protection software yet? Then, remind your employees that they must always be vigilant when it comes to downloading files that are found on the internet. Malware can take many forms such as a trojan, virus, Spywares etc. They must always keep their eyes on the website where they download the software.

2. Do you receive constant emails from various sources? You could be duped if the email comes from reputable websites. One thing you should know though. You must not follow the links to which you are directed by the email. This scenario is what you call phishing. Some spams can be very convincing that is why you need to verify the mail through going directly to the website of the sender.

3. Passwords. Strong passwords are the key to ensure that your information is not accessible to other people. However, using your name, birthday or address is never recommended because these are obvious passwords. Instead, you must use alphanumeric characters including symbols. Also, you may opt to change your passwords from time to time but of course you must have a way to remember it.

4. Aside from passwords, protecting your data that are stored in cloud-based email programs or simply file sharing applications such as Dropbox will also require activating your multi-factor authentication. Applications like Dropbox or Evernote can be easily hacked and you will just be shocked to see that your files have been shared all over the internet. Because of this, these applications have also developed ways on how you can protect your data and that includes an option for multi-factor authentication. Better make use of this feature.

5. Aside from data hacking, malware and virus attack and even accessing your information through online platforms, you should also always check on your employees. Internal attacks are one of the most vicious strategies by your opponents or even by the terrorists. You should have background check software that will check the qualifications and reliability of your employees. You can also conduct a background check through manual methods such as asking previous professors or employers to see how they behave.

6. Definitely, there are many other ways to protect your company, facility or information. Small businesses should take extra vigilance and precautions about their system and the people in their company. A holistic approach can save the company from future demise.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/security-risks-for-small-businesses/


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