5 Shocking Car Crash Statistics Infographic

Car crash could happen anytime, anywhere. This is a truth that no one can disagree about. However, can you prevent a car crash from happening? Actually, you can avoid it if you have good practices when it comes to driving whether it is before or while you are on the way. Some people find themselves in road rage and they are challenged by another driver, while others are simply not in their right self and mind when they drive their car to their death. Most car drivers already know the things that are listed on this infographic but they simply disregard these facts. If you are a newbie in driving, better read this one and influence your fellow driver to keep each of your ways safe.

1. Do not drive if you are drunk. If you have a few sips of alcohol and you think that your senses are still in its very good condition, driving with someone can be fine. However, if you have taken lots of shots, test yourself. If you cannot walk straight and your eyesight seemed not straight, then you must not gamble your life. Remember that 29 people per day died because of drunk driving. Do you want to add the number?

2. Drug-impaired driving is risky. There are drivers who always bring their medications. However, the side effects of taking drugs include drowsiness which could make you sleep even while you are driving. Also, taking illicit drugs could make your head spin instead of the wheel. It could lead you to a car crash. So, to be safe, if taking the drug is so necessary, do not drive. Let someone else drive for you. As they say, better be safe than sorry.

3. When someone is texting or calling, your tendency is to look at your mobile phone and reply to the sender’s message. However, if you are driving, this distraction can be just in a second but it could also cause your life in a matter of seconds. So, install Bluetooth in your car and use it to answer calls. For a text message, read it later when you already arrive at your destination. Mind you, distracted driving is not only about using mobile phones but also about getting your eyes off the road because you are looking at other things and you lost your concentration.

4. 45-50% of fatal injuries caused by a car crash happened because the driver and the passenger did not wear their seatbelts. It is pretty easy to put yet you always forget. Remind yourself that seat belts could get you meters away from death.

5. It is common to say that speeding is one of the top causes of car crashes. One bad thing about speeding is that you may not just hurt yourself but other people who are simply walking around the corner. Overspeeding could make you lose control over the wheels and engines and worse if you lost your brakes. You get to hurt yourself and other people. Don’t let this happen to you. Always practice safe driving. Kudos!

source: https://www.tingeylawfirm.com/car-crash-statistics-for-nevada/


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