5 Skateboard Buying Tips Infographic

Deciding to get into skateboarding is exciting, and before picking out your youth skate clothing or mastering tricks, the first big decision is choosing your skateboard. For beginners, a pre-built, complete board is ideal as it eliminates the stress of finding and assembling parts. You can be confident your board is ready to use without needing special skills or tools. The type of skateboarding you want to do can help narrow down your options. Different styles often require different deck types. A cruiser board or longboard is a great choice for cruising around town, both offering a smooth ride. Longboards have a broader deck, allowing a wider stance. Next, consider deck size. A junior board is easier to maneuver if you’re under five feet tall and helps improve skills. If you’re over five feet, a standard skateboard deck is suitable. While not the most crucial factor, the design of your board can increase your excitement to skate. Choose a design you love or use stickers to personalize it. Consider your closet’s vibe to help guide your choice. Lastly, keep your budget in mind. Opt for a good quality build rather than a luxury piece with fancy features. Save money for when you level up to your next board.

source: https://www.skaterhaters.com/how-to-choose-your-very-first-skateboard/


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