5 Skater Clothing Perks Infographic

Whether you’re new to skating or not, one thing everyone knows about skate culture is its love for baggy fits. This style choice is influenced by both the history of skate fashion and the sport’s practical needs. Understanding the reasons behind this preference can help newcomers feel more comfortable and integrated into the lifestyle while ensuring safety and comfort. Baggy clothes serve as a form of crash protection, much like airbags in a car. While they won’t inflate to soften a fall, they provide a layer of defense against cuts and scrapes. Additionally, skateboarding requires a lot of dynamic movement, and tight clothes can restrict this mobility. Just as skating in a straitjacket would be impractical, tighter fits can hinder performance, making loose clothing the more functional choice. Skateboarding is a year-round activity, not confined to a specific season like basketball or football. Baggy skater clothes, often made from thick fabrics, help skaters stay warm and somewhat shielded from the elements, making skating possible in various weather conditions. Another practical aspect of baggy clothes is their ample pockets, perfect for carrying essential skateboarding accessories like snacks, phones, chargers, and keys. Beyond practicality, skate style is about self-expression and fitting into the skateboarding community. Wearing baggy clothes like skater boy shirts and hoodies can help newcomers feel more connected and in the know when they’re at a skatepark or among a new group. For over four decades, baggy outfits have dominated skate style, combining practical benefits with cultural significance.

source: https://www.skaterhaters.com/why-skaters-love-skateboarding-in-baggy-clothes/


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