5 Sorority and Life Balance Tips Infographic

Being a sorority member is a significant commitment, and balancing it with other responsibilities requires careful planning. Embrace using a planner to organize and prioritize your tasks, ensuring important sorority events aren’t overlooked. Effective time management is crucial; avoid distractions like social media and find strategies to stay focused. Creating a schedule that aligns with your sorority commitments helps avoid conflicts with other activities. During times when you can’t be physically present, use technology to stay connected with your sisters and keep up with chapter activities. Communicating openly with your employer about your sorority commitments and requesting time off in advance ensures they can plan for your absence. By incorporating these strategies, you can maintain a fulfilling and active sorority membership while managing other aspects of your busy life.

source: https://lnogreek.com/blogs/news/five-ways-to-balance-sorority-and-life


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