5 Steps for DOT Urine Collection Certification Infographic

You are a crucial component of a system that guarantees drug-free workplaces in the interest of public safety, along with the employer, the testing facility, and the medical review officer (MRO). As a result, a DOT urine specimen collector needs to be extremely competent and precise. Follow these steps to become certified:

1. Practice and Enroll in Training

The DOT demands that you be qualified to carry out the collections even though it neither certifies nor trains specimen collectors. You must be an adult, be able to converse and comprehend instructions in English, be free of any criminal convictions, and complete a background check before you can enroll in the course.

After enrolling, become familiar with the DOT 49 CFR Part 40’s regulation terminology. Review the DOT agency rules and instructions for collecting urine samples so you can adhere to them with ease throughout the training.

2. Accomplish a Certified Urine Specimen Collector Training Course

Review the Part 40 collecting methods. Acquire the proper knowledge to complete federal collection forms. Learn about your duty to uphold the confidentiality, security, and integrity of the specimen-collecting process. Recall all the procedures required to carry out an accurate collection. Request that the employee complete the necessary documentation. Insert the specimen bottles and the first CCF copy into the relevant sample bag pouches, then seal the bags.

The worker is then free to depart the area. Within 24 hours or by the next business day, you must get the sample ready for shipping and deliver copies of the paperwork to the MRO and Designated Employer Representative (DER). Unless the DOT requirements specify a longer retention period, you must maintain a copy of the documentation for at least 30 days.

3. Exhibit Your Proficiency in Collections

Five practice specimen collections with a live examiner must be scheduled. They can supervise in person or remotely through a camera. Within 30 days of completing your course, you must successfully perform five collections in a row without any mistakes to get your certification. The examiner must sign a statement confirming that your pretend collections were flawless.

4. Sign an Agreement to Become a DOT Qualified and Professionally Certified Urine Collector

Once your mock collections are over, you must consent to follow the training’s established requirements. You will receive a certificate from your course certifying your ability to conduct federally controlled and unregulated specimen collections. If you have inquiries regarding acquiring your certificate, get in touch with your training facility.

5. Stay Current on Changes to Test Training Material

Your qualifications are neither site nor location dependent. Anywhere you work where DOT-regulated urine samples are taken, your eligibility will accompany you. You can advertise your certification without signing up for any national listings. The completion of your training and competency demonstrations must still be documented for a government inspection.

Your DOT specimen collection certification requires five-year renewal training cycles as well. However, the DOT doesn’t want you to wait until your refresher course to keep up to date with changes to laws and collecting methods.

source: https://teamcme.com/five-steps-to-dot-urine-collection-certification/


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