5 Steps to Beat Couch Lock InfographicCannabis enthusiasts are all too familiar with the sensation of “couch lock” – that peculiar feeling that arises when one indulges a bit too much. It’s that state where the body’s responsiveness slows down, somewhere between relaxation and immobilization. While some cherish this profound relaxation, many seek ways to circumvent the couch lock’s grip.

Understanding the Culprit

The blame for couch lock is often placed on a terpene named myrcene. Although scientific evidence remains limited, it’s widely believed that myrcene is a key contributor to the sedative effects that occasionally accompany cannabis consumption. It’s important to note that strains can vary widely in the composition of compounds responsible for these effects, introducing a natural variability that makes each experience unique.

How to Evade Couch Lock?



Steer Clear of Certain Strains

Strains like Afghan Kush, Northern Lights, and Sour Diesel are renowned for inducing couch-lock effects. If you wish to avoid these effects, it’s wise to avoid their genetic descendants. Seek strains labeled as “mind high,” “energetic,” or “creative.” Some dispensaries and websites even allow you to filter out dominant terpenes like myrcene.

Embrace Moderation

Even with strains designed for relaxation, you can escape couch lock by moderating your consumption. Pace yourself and smoke slowly to find the balance between enjoyment and the potential negative effects. When you sense that threshold approaching, take a break, indulge in a movie, grab a snack, or engage in any activity that prevents you from sinking into the couch. Consider using a one-hitter to consume cautiously, allowing you to savor the experience one toke at a time.

Mind Your Environment

Your surroundings play a significant role in shaping your experience alongside the cannabis itself. An effective strategy to evade couch lock is to change your environment. Step out into the sunshine, armed with portable vaporizers or cigarette one-hitters. Exposure to natural light and outdoor settings can create euphoric and cheerful highs, thanks to the mood-boosting effects of sunlight. Even a short stroll or time spent near a bright window can rejuvenate your high.

Embrace the Power of Snacking

When the high becomes overwhelming, a snack can be your ally. The effects of weed can be counteracted by introducing other sensory experiences. Sugary or carb-rich snacks not only boost energy but also engage your body. Consider options like cold drinks, sour candy, or warm soup.

Harness the Benefits of CBD

CBD, often associated with medical applications, can also counteract the effects of excessive THC consumption. A few drops of CBD tincture can help mitigate an overwhelming high and release you from the couch lock’s clutches. Keeping a high CBD strain on hand provides an option to switch and regain control when the intensity becomes too much to handle.

Navigating the realm of cannabis highs requires understanding, moderation, and adaptation. By avoiding certain strains, practicing moderation, adjusting your environment, embracing snacks, and leveraging CBD, you can master the art of maximizing your high. Remember, discussing your preferences with cannabis professionals can further enhance your journey through the world of cannabis.

source: https://ryot.com/ryots-5-steps-to-beat-couch-lock/


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