5 Substance Use and Pregnancy Complications Infographic

Using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy can have severe consequences for both the mother and the baby. One major issue is nutrition. Pregnant women who consume drugs or alcohol often experience a reduced appetite, which can prevent them from getting the necessary nutrients. This deficiency can compromise their health and impede the baby’s proper growth. Nutrients are essential for the baby’s brain development, organ formation, and the development of bones, muscles, and skin. If a mother’s diet lacks these nutrients, her body will deplete its reserves to support the baby, leading to additional deficiencies and malnutrition. Another critical concern is addiction. Substances consumed by the mother can cross the placenta, exposing the baby to these harmful substances. This exposure can lead to the baby developing an addiction in utero. If the mother continues using these substances until birth, the newborn may experience withdrawal symptoms shortly after delivery. These symptoms can start anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days post-birth, depending on the specific substance, duration of exposure, quantity used, and frequency of maternal use. The withdrawal process can be incredibly distressing and harmful for the newborn, underscoring the critical need for expectant mothers to avoid drug and alcohol use during pregnancy.

source: https://renaissanceranch.net/substance-use-during-pregnancy/


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