5 Things You Didn’t Know About Canker Sores Infographic

What could be worse than being served the food you love but you will not be able to eat because you got some mouth sore? Children would cry over it and they would even throw tantrums. It would be pretty hard if a child experiences such pain and you may not have a choice other than sending him or her to a dentist who can check on his oral health condition. Layton dentists can help you with this dilemma. However, if you are already an adult and the pain inside your mouth is tolerable, you may solve the problem on your own depending on the cause of its occurrence. A canker sore is a common mouth problem among adults. There are many beliefs about how such these sores occur in the mouth and tongue of a person. Most of these beliefs are stories passed from one generation to another but the reality about how you get canker sores are presented in this infographic.

1. Getting the canker sores is not because you cut yourself while eating something or someone talked behind your back. It is also not because you did not take a bath. But, the real reason for having canker sore is the food that you have eaten. You may not be aware of it yet, but you might be sensitive to some type of food especially those with extreme temperature like it’s too hot or too cold. It could be too salty or spicy. In some other case, you may not be having a healthy diet and your Vitamin D intake is not sufficient. All of these can cause canker sores. So, you better clear up your mind from the stories of your old folks.

2. Can canker sore go away on its own? Actually, the smaller canker sores may fade in a few weeks time. However, if it is continuously irritated, it could turn bigger and will make you suffer more and longer than usual. Though it is a rare case, the pain is very distressing and you might not want to eat or even drink. In this case, it is suggested that you go to the dentist so that they can give you medicine that will alleviate your pain and stop the canker sores from recurring.

3. Say that you are seeing that lesions inside your mouth right now. What can you do to ensure that it will not grow and will not give you much pain? The secret is to avoid poking it. Do not eat hard foods that will touch the lesions because it could get easily irritated. More so, you must also avoid brushing your teeth vigorously. Brush it slowly and tenderly so that the bristles of the toothbrush will not touch the lesion.

4. Perhaps, the thing you would be more interested about is how can you avoid having canker sores? Though it is a common problem, you can avoid it by having a healthy diet and taking your vitamins. However, you can also prevent them if you can manage your stress levels. Most of all, oral hygiene keeps your mouth in good condition because it gets rid of the bacteria that proliferate in there. Use floss or mouthwash to ensure that your mouth is clean all the time.

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