5 Things Your Auto Accident Attorney Needs to Know to Help You Win Your Case Infographic

If you were suffered and injured from a car accident, you probably wonder how an attorney can guide and help you. Also, whether it is a good idea to deal with the insurance company or settle the claim all by yourself.

Meanwhile, much depends on the complexity of the case; a lawyer may able to help you obtain the necessary evidence of damages. Hence, a good lawyer is essential especially if it is quite complicated to handle.

But how an Auto Accident Attorney may help you?

Obtaining documentation related to your injuries it isn’t always easy to get in your hands. So, the help of a lawyer is necessary. They are the one that capable to gather these following necessary to support for your claim.

1. Details from the scene – Anything can be used

Anything that can be collected from the scene can be useful. Information such as contact names, vehicle details, insurance policy numbers, etc.

Also, it could be really helpful if you wrote down any details about the accident. This will make your lawyer’s job easier as it will not consume more time, gathering necessary information about you and your car.

2. Pictures and car accident report are necessary

The pictures are evidence and worth a thousand words. The Police officers usually include pictures in their reports. But, don’t just stick there; you can submit photos to them that you may have taken to strongly support it.3

In some cases, a lawyer can help you also to obtain all the evidence to may use to prove liability in a car accident claim. Even though the police or you have taken photographs of the accident scene, they will probably go back to the actual scene to see what it really looks like. A picture is worth a thousand words, seeing the actual scene worth a thousand pictures.

3. Witness statements – Testimony from witness may help you support the claim

When you have the contact information of someone who witnessed the accident, share this to your lawyer. Also, take note, the testimony from an impartial witness can be invaluable.

A lawyer may of great help because they make sure to get all the accident reports. They will often communicate with the witnesses and investigating police officers. The skilled professional will leave no stone unturned to help you obtain strong evidence of liability.

4. Medical records and bill – These supports may prove you have been hospitalized

Gathering medical records and expenses report is important in order for your lawyer to convey the accident affect your health and pocket. Any costs can be covered by the insurance company; therefore it is essential to provide your lawyer with a detailed record of your medical expenses.

If in case you received compensation from a disability, health or worker’s benefits insurer, that insurer may have a lien on your request.

A lawyer, in this case, is capable to work with the lien holder trying to get the lien holder in order to lessen its lien. It is where an important work since every dollar less the lien holder takes more dollars that go in the claimant pocket.

5. Lost wages – If in case you were compromised by the accident

If your ability to work was jeopardized due to accident make sure to provide your lawyer the documentation showing days off of work. Moreover your inability to perform a certain task because of your injuries, the lawyer will open a line of communication with the insurance adjuster for the other party involved – only if there is another party involved!

Thus lawyers are essential in whatever aspect that involves human rights. A lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement. This may be hard work! But negotiation is a very specific skill and an auto accident attorney is far better at settling this case compare to any layperson would be.

source: https://www.tingeylawfirm.com/what-your-auto-accident-attorney-needs-to-know


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