5 Tips for Better Oral Health Infographic

Proper dental hygiene and the food you choose to eat are essential elements for taking care of your gums and teeth. Eventually, there is evidence that shown a connection between body health and oral health. That’s why we have to pay attention to how we treat our mouth.

The body and mouth function as a complicated mechanism. The food is a necessity and we choose to eat as well as it fuels our body which also affects our general health. Also, the food is the main factor that may affect our gums and teeth.

Below are the tips to follow in order to improve the health of your oral health:

1. Using The Proper Toothbrush to Take Care of Your Oral Hygiene

Using the right toothbrush to make the difference and make sure you practice proper oral hygiene. The individual’s oral health depends on their brushing routine, however, not all toothbrushes are made equally. There are toothbrush bristles ranges from soft to hard. There is some dentist also that advised using a soft bristled brush and their recommended toothpaste.

However, there are some people do not know the proper way of tooth brushing. Dentists actually suggested that your toothbrush should angle at 45 degrees to gum line to gently move the bristles in soft movement.
If you have not tried using an electric brush consider having one. Because an electric toothbrush is better in terms of removing plaque than a manual brush. Also, it is much easier to use!

2. Using Floss Twice a Day

Brushing teeth is not enough to maintain the health and cleanliness of your mouth. You also need to clean the in-between of your teeth. Flossing helps prevent gums diseases and cavities. Remember, the plaque contains bacteria that thrive on sugar and leftover food. Don’t you know that bacteria release acids? That eats away the outer shell of the teeth which causes cavities.

Hence, using floss or sort of interdental cleaner every day may remove plaque that builds up from under the gums and between the teeth.

3. Clean Your Tongue After Toothbrush

The good oral hygiene does not only limit to brushing your teeth. The plaque and bacteria are gathered around your tongue as well. That case, after brushing your teeth it is important to clean your tongue either with a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner.

If fail to clean your tongue after brushing there’s still plenty of bacteria exist in your mouth which can migrate to your teeth.

4. Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Make daily toothbrush a habit and use fluoride toothpaste. Also, you can fortify your teeth by using fluoride mouth rinse.

The fluoride strengthens our teeth at the same time drinking water with fluoride which allows the fluoride to enter the bloodstream in order to reinforce your teeth. Also, it becomes part of the saliva to harden the teeth from the outside. The enamel which reinforces by fluoride become less prone to damage from cavities and bacteria.

5. Schedule a Regular Dental Visits

Visiting your dental dentist twice a year is a must. Have your teeth been check and clean by your dentist if in case there are sights of teeth and gum problems? If you experience any symptoms of dental problems then your dentist could see it.

They can prevent problems from occurring and can catch those while it is easy to treat.

So every year, including taking care of your teeth to your wish list! Follow the above tips so you can prevent any mouth problems and keep your goal come true while your mouth will thank you.

source: https://www.feltfamilydentistry.com/new-years-resolution-improve-your-oral-health/


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