5 Tips on Quality High Volume Hiring Without Making Concessions Infographic

Hiring a high number of employees in a short time is rarely done unless there is an unparalleled expansion. The event opens up hundreds of open positions in a given time frame. It can be overwhelming to the human resource department, especially if they are used to hiring only a few at a time. There are many factors to consider, from identifying talented candidates to meet the timeline requirements without sacrificing quality or quantity.

Volume recruiters are more experienced in identifying, assessing, and leading the process. They specialize in overseeing recruiting high-volume talent acquisition. When it comes to direct experience, skills, and the staff, they have everything needed to appeal to the right talent which can contribute to your company’s success.

Plan Ahead

Knowing when to start and how to coordinate the efforts is challenging for new businesses. There are operational parts that need to come together at once for a well-timed opening. It is crucial to have a go-getter hiring plan with achievable goals. You can start by determining the hiring volume and timing that are needed to fill the positions. Each step in the process is essential and should not be skipped. Once you have set the deadlines and required time for each stage, work backward from the opening. It will help you focus on the progress toward important goals.

Extend Your Reach

The typical posting of job opportunities on your company’s social media and website can only yield very few prospects. If you don’t expand your reach, you will fail in finding a high volume of talent. Staffing agencies can assist you in reaching more eligible individuals and establishing a border pipeline of skilled candidates. These companies are also closely familiar with the labor market and can get the job done quickly.

Employ Automation

Doing each step in the recruitment process at a high volume can be monotonous and repetitious. There is no need to experience the motions one by one for each applicant if it can be completed with the help of technology. Interview scheduling, digital paperwork, and informing candidates can all be done online with little to no assistance from the hiring staff. It will give recruiters more time to vet each applicants’ cultural fit and skill while a part of the process is automated. In the coming years, emerging technology can further develop artificial intelligence that can expedite the recruitment process.

Watch Metrics

The time to hire is a significant figure in the recruitment process. It will determine whether the recruitment budget is spent wisely. However, it casts aside vital factors like the increased hiring cost of top talent or applicants with rare skills that are ideal for the position. It is essential to understand the time required for each candidate and look into the quality of hires. Remember, when many employees are leaving the company, the process is not effective. It could be because you are hiring quickly without communicating the requirements and the benefits. Slow down your pipeline speed and focus more intently to ensure that high-volume hiring goes well for the organization.

A volume hiring is a challenging task, and its success is difficult to achieve. Many human resource departments don’t have the familiarity, experience, and labor to do the job. To make the process smoother and more straightforward, recruiting companies can help. They can act as a wing of the HR department to help you get the finest employees and cultivate your business.

source: https://perelson.com/realizing-quality-high-volume-hiring-without-making-concessions/


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