5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Kitchen Infographic

Kitchens are normally associated with cooking. However, this is not the case for most families. This is also a place where a family talks about happy moments that happened during the day. While cooking, they share their own experiences hence, the meals served are delicious. For some women, the kitchen tones down emotions for the day. It serves as a place of relaxation. That’s why painting it with the right colors complementing kitchen furniture and fixtures can complete the entire ambiance inside. The one cooking will feel more inspired to cook. This infographic will provide helpful tips in choosing the colors for your kitchen.

1. Always, start with a plan. This is a common mistake for some because they just choose the paint color that is available when in fact a wrong choice of color may ruin the entire kitchen concept. What you can do is to find several inspirations from magazines, brochures or even a kitchen of your neighbour. Choose a color that will reflect your personality but at the same time matches your kitchen appliances and furniture.

2. Unless you are living alone in your house, you need to consult with other family members regarding the choice of color for your kitchen, They will also use the kitchen and it should not be an eyesore for them or else you will be cooking all times of the day even if you are tired because they don’t want to go to your kitchen. They have to feel home because they have contributed to the design of the kitchen.

3. Before you buy any paint colors, check on your cabinets first. Does it have light or dark colors? This is your starting point especially if the kitchen has been there already. But, unless you are starting from really new kitchen, you can plan on what cabinets you would like before choosing a color or you choose the paint color first and buy kitchen cabinets that match your choice of paint colors. The point is that cabinets and paint colors should complement each other since this is dominant furniture in the kitchen.

4. Test the color through different lightings. Do not immediately jump into conclusions of the color because lightings affect the shade of the color. You can place some chips in the wall which will allow you to see the changes in the color depending on the changes in the lights that happened all day.

5. If you are a minimalist, you would appreciate a more neutral countertop than those with bold and loud colors. You must also consider this when you are choosing for paint colors. As colors serve as an accent to the kitchen, unmatched countertop and wall colors could make the kitchen look busy and not accommodating.

6. Kitchen upgrades may cost a lot and you can’t afford to repeat painting it over again. Plan it out, stick with the plan, imagine the result and see the overall look of the kitchen and not just a part of it.

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/how-to-choose-the-perfect-color-combination-for-your-kitchen/


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