5 Tips to Hire the Best Project Managers Infographic

A new project manager is a necessary addition when expanding the project management infrastructure. And when looking for the best project manager, you can’t just settle for any candidate. Hiring project managers is tough mainly because the position controls the budgets, client, relationships, staffing, and process. The project manager position is an important hire that could either make or break an entire team dynamics. This is why finding a new person for the position is nerve-wracking especially for the hiring manager. But once the role of the project manager in the organization is determined coupled with focusing on the experience the potential candidate can bring and a few tips, a great potential manager will surely be found at the end of the day.

These tips we have listed below will greatly help recruiters in finding and hiring candidates for the project manager vacancy. This will make the project manager interview process a lot easier, we can assure you that.

1. Recruiting for culture fit. One of the first things to consider when interviewing candidates for the project manager position is if they would fit the team culture and internal processes of the business. A candidate might have all the qualifications and skills but still not fit in. this can be problematic since teams that fit together works better. With that being said, the cultural fit should be considered before anything else.

2. Inquire about experience. There are many project managers out there but only a few of them come with a great deal of experience, something that you’d want if you prefer the best project manager for your organization. Having many experiences can help them leverage it at times of difficulties. They can anticipate it, think rationally, and solve the issues before it can cause trouble and affect the project. Checking and relying on the experience will also help you separate the wheat from the chaff when the candidates aced all the basic questions.

3. Look for relevant qualities. An ideal project manager should have an entrepreneur mindset, leadership, technical proficiency, and passion. You need to look for these qualities if you want to hire the best project manager out of all the candidates applying.

4. Verify the credentials. Each one of the candidates applying for the project manager vacancy comes with different levels of expectations, skills, views, and experience. It is always a good idea to reach out to their colleagues, friends, and past employers for referrals. Listen to the opinions and knowledge from these people whenever possible as it will greatly help you void recruiting a challenge.

5. Work with executive recruiters. The project manager position is considered an executive-level role in a company or organization. With this in mind, if ever you find any difficulties in attracting top project managers for the vacancy you can help from an executive recruiting firm. These recruiting agencies have the contacts, experience, and commitment thus they are more than just capable of referring a talent that your business needs to make an impact.

source: https://perelson.com/how-to-hire-the-best-project-managers/


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