5 Tips to Make Granite Countertops Last Infographic

There are likely numerous opinions concerning outdoor granite. On the good side, granite is ultra-strong and resilient. It’s one of the earth’s most sturdy substances. On the other hand, granite needs attention to retain its beauty, such as regular sealings and polishings.

You want to be fully informed while planning to establish a tranquil outdoor sanctuary where you can unwind. The following things need to be pondered before using granite in your outdoor space:

Area covered

You shouldn’t be concerned about purchasing granite for your countertops if you intend to have a pergola or covered porch. In order to avoid water damage, you must keep it securely sealed. You’ve solved the problem if your covering protects it from dew and rain. The longevity of your granite and any other materials you select will be increased if you cover your countertop with a roof. Granite is still a fantastic option, as long as you keep it up.


You could be worried about granite that is outdoors needing care. The truth is, it’s quite straightforward. To clean your counters, stay away from abrasive cleansers and use a warm, soapy cloth. To avoid a filthy coating accumulating, perform this procedure daily or as often as you use them. You usually need to replace the seal every few years, so keep an eye on it. If your surface is shiny, you can repolish it as much as you wish.

Colors and shades

Granite is extremely heat-resistant because of its formation. Before deciding on a color, you should factor in how much sun your countertop will experience. A darker stone will heat up faster than a lighter stone. You may need to allow for extra movement in the joints. Make sure you have someone skilled in placing natural stones outside for your project. You have countless options because granite comes in so many distinctive colors and patterns.


When compared to other countertop options like marble, concrete, glass, or quartz, granite’s durability stands out. It is lasting and sturdy. The fact that it can endure heat makes it an excellent option for placement close to your grill. It is nonporous and will not stain as long as it is sealed properly. Regardless of your environment, it is a wonderful option for year-round outdoor settings because it can tolerate high temperatures.


Given its many perks, granite is a remarkably adaptable material for your outdoor space. You can utilize it to design a classic seating area where your family can enjoy a lot of memorable dinners. It also makes a great bartop for hosting guests and glamming up any area. It is the perfect material for the countertop in your outdoor kitchen because it integrates nature with sophistication in a classic, earthy way. If you have the room, go big with a long, sweeping countertop to encourage you to prepare food together outside in the fresh air. Also, you’ll have more storage room to keep all the supplies for your garden party close at hand.

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