5 Tips to Move Your Outdoor Belongings Infographic

Are you preparing to move and feeling overburdened by all the packing you need to do? Do you own a ton of outdoor items? What about transporting the balcony plants, patio furniture, gardening equipment, and porch ornaments? What about everything in the shed? Here are some suggestions for packing all of your outdoor gear.

1. Clean Everything

Start by washing all the outside furniture so that the dust and filth don’t taint your interior furnishings. Clean your outdoor furniture first, then hose down all the non-rusting things. Dry off anything that might get wet from snow or rain. Wash the trash cans inside and out if you’re bringing them. Cleaning your trash cans will be nothing you regret doing.

2. Check For Critters

You don’t want to introduce any creepy bugs to your new residence. Look for critters in all the cracks, crevices, and secret places. Get rid of any animals that may live in your outdoor furniture, including bugs, wasp nests, and other pests. Depending on where you live, raccoons, skunks, and snakes might decide to make a home in your outdoor possessions. When searching for creatures, exercise caution. Call animal control if you come across one. Crawlers and other animals make poor traveling companions.

3. Spend Time Properly Packing

Organize and plan your packing carefully. When transporting patio furniture, take pillows out. Remove any harsh edges and shards from the padding, then wrap the delicate components to ensure that you know exactly which piece of furniture each loose item belongs to, and store them in marked containers or bags. After that, carefully discard any dangerous materials, such as paint cans, insecticides, oil, and propane. Don’t forget to empty the gas from your chainsaw, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, and lawn mower. Leaks during transit can be both unpleasant and dangerous if they are left filled. Similarly, turn off the propane in your gas barbecue.

4. Plan For Your Plants

Our plants can occasionally be neglected, but this is never on intention. We forget our plants because we are so preoccupied with all the other things we need to carry. Plan prepared when packaging your plants because moving may harm them. Consider the potential for severe temperatures and the amount of water they will be receiving. There are strategies to get your plants ready for the future, even while certain things are beyond your control.

Cover the branches with slitted paper or plastic sleeves. Your plants will be more protected from damage and leaf loss. Place them inside lined boxes with ventilation holes. Branch ties should be placed cautiously in the direction of the plant’s growth. Uncover the plants as soon as you arrive at your new location. Put plastic over your flower and plant containers to prevent dirt and water seepage. Move plants in plastic containers. Ceramics should be individually wrapped and packed.

5. Involve Your Family

Give your kids a job and let them help you disassemble and pack up their favorite outdoor toys, such as swing sets or playhouses. They won’t be as shocked if their preferred outdoor hobbies vanish overnight. Disassemble large toys, then put the small pieces in containers or bags that are properly labeled and tightly packed. After that, fasten the smaller utensils and bags to the bigger components they go with. Before moving, remove all sand, water, mud, or other messy items from the play equipment. Moving might be difficult, but it’s also thrilling. It may be a smooth and fun process with some planning and a reliable Utah moving company.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/moving-tips-for-your-outdoor-belongings/


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