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Competition makes everybody work hard to reach their quota and get incentives or even promoted. However, this would also compel workers to do more, rush everything and think about work and work all the time. However, this would cause absent-mindedness which can lead to troubles in the workplace. More often than not, it is one of the primary causes of workplace accidents. There are many types of job and each of these faces a certain risk by which an employee can meet an accident while working. That’s why organizations today provide safety and protective gears to avoid it. In this infographic you can see five major types of jobs and the possible danger their employees are facing.

1. Are you a machine operator for contractors or builders? If you are operating forklifts and other heavy machinery, you can face hazards that can cost a life. If you are carrying heavier loads, you should always focus on the road. What if something happened and the machinery you are operating lost its engine; will this still be covered by workers compensation law?

2. Some jobs require an employee to work in a very small space in which the flow of air can even be disrupted. If the nature of your job is like this, you must ensure that you always wear the safety gears. More so, you need an expert in this field because a simple error can be drastic.

3. Working in the lab? You might think that you are safe in your post because your movements are limited and you don’t carry heavy loads, but you are wrong. Your position is just as risky as the ones mentioned above. In science laboratories, you mix chemicals with others at a specific amount for each element. One wrong calculation can cause an explosion in the area. Also, some chemicals emit a strong scent that could be detrimental to a person’s health. Hence, protective gears are also necessary for handling chemicals.

4. What if you are just transferring electrical cords and extensions, will it be dangerous? Octopus connections and electrical cords that are not arranged properly will cause other employees to trip into it. Such could lead to accidents. In addition, if there are open wirings, electrocution is possible.

5. You may say you don’t work with machinery, your workspace is very wide, you are not exposed to chemicals, and you have nothing to do with cords and extensions. Does that make you accident proof? Of course not. Mere clutter especially food and fruit peels can cause you to slide in your office. This could happen if there are many clutters in your office. That’s why it is necessary that you sort, clean and set in order all of your items.

6. Generally, accidents happen anywhere and anytime you are not prepared. In a workplace where hazards are present, utmost care and safety precautions are much more needed. Don’t get too complacent because it is an office work. Always prepare for anything that could happen. Better be ready than sorry.



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