5 Tips to Streamline Your Hiring Process Infographic

In management, use of resources must be minimized as much as possible while producing the maximum or best output possible. Human resource management is one of the functions of management that is responsible for placing people in its right place and at the right time. However, there are times when the position is vacated out of the plan such as in the case of accident, resignation and other unwanted circumstances. Because of this, the position will be posted as vacant and will attract job seekers to apply for it. The question now lies on how you can ensure that you are selecting the right employees without investing too many resources into it. The answer lies in this infographic.

1. Maximize your pre-screening methods. This is the step where you screen the curriculum vitae and application letter of the applicant. You will go over a thousand applicants, especially if the position is a bit lucrative for the job seekers. However, if time is of the essence, how can you read a few pages of their resume? The trick here is in the posting of the notice of job vacancy. You need to be clear in the kind of employee that you are looking for. More so, you can also conduct phone interviews. It is significant because you can eliminate the applicant who seemed uninterested with the job.

2. Internal sources can be effective such as recommendations from your current or past employees. These people already knew what qualifications you are looking for an employee and they can filter the people they knew that might be capable of handling the job. The more accountable the current employee, the higher is the chance that he or she will recommend a suitable applicant.

3. Most companies today ask help from recruiting agencies even the online ones. In such method, the applicant will apply through the portal where he/she can input all of his information including educational attainment, special skills, employment history, family background and other essential information that you wish for them to divulge in your company. For you to keep track of this information, software or applicant tracking system are available. This software will also allow you to check which stage of the hiring process the applicant has already passed.

4. After the above-mentioned process is the interview. This is the stage where you are going to assess the person not just his/her mental prowess but also his/her emotional intelligence. You don’t need to interview all of the applicants, instead, get the top-ranked candidates who you are willing to settle with. To elicit the information you need during the interview, you must avoid halo error, leniency error, and interviewer bias. You have to look at every candidate objective and whatever they answer on the questions you’ve given shall be taken and considered carefully.

5. If you lack the necessary resources to do the task, outsource your hiring process to recruitment agencies. You can only send out the criteria you need and these agencies whether it is on the rank and file level or executive level can provide you with the suitable applicant.

source: https://perelson.com/how-to-streamline-your-hiring-process/


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