5 Tips When Hiring Security Personnel Infographic

Finding the right employees can be a daunting task for human resource personnel because they will need to be able to select the best candidate with the right attitude, behaviour and high level of integrity who can perform well in the job. Though security is not part of the core functions of an establishment, it plays an important role in ensuring that employees, guests, and customers will feel safe and secured whenever they are inside the organization’s facility. Before hiring security personnel, there are essential things that you must consider. These tips from this infographic are simple yet but can serve well its purpose when it comes to hiring employees who will be assigned in the security aspect of the company.

1. Your first step is to check the criminal records of the prospective employee. As much as possible, the person with ill intent will definitely try to keep his records. Hence, you must not rely on the records presented by the employee himself. Instead, look through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). However, before jumping into conclusions about the person, you must also evaluate the person not merely on the basis of criminal records.<

2. Resumes are the face of the applicant when applying for a job. They can list down all types of jobs and works they have gone through. Or they must also have kept a few details about their employment. You can randomly select which ones are true. More so, you can also verify how they were as an employee. Also, try to see whether the person keeps on jumping from one job to another. These are considered as red flags and should imply something off about the person. Clear your doubts by asking their previous employers.

3. Some people would try to create a good impression of enlisting all of their educational achievements. However, because of technology, even the diploma and transcript of records can now be faked. You must consider looking into the veracity of the documents that are submitted by the applicant especially when it comes to their education. One good thing about this strategy is that educational institutions are often open for this kind of scrutiny.

4. Organizational problems that include jeopardizing the safety of the organization and the people inside it are often attributed to the motives or drives of the employee. You can check whether the person will be able to develop financial motivations to do something wrong through running a credit check. It will show if they have shopping problems or financial problems with their wives. However, you must not also make this the only criterion for choosing an employee. There could be many problems associated with a poor credit rating.

5. It is often taken for granted by the hiring personnel but the truth is the driving records can show something about the person. A careless driver who always got into the accident may have multiple records about simple accidents but such events would make you create an impression about the behaviour of the person.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/help-for-hiring-trustworthy-security-personnel/


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