5 TMS Technician Support Infographic

TMS technicians play a crucial role in enhancing the therapeutic experience for patients on their mental health journey. They ensure a safe and effective treatment environment, contributing significantly to healing. Before a patient enters the treatment room, technicians prepare the space, ensuring cleanliness and organization, and set up the TMS device according to the prescribed parameters. They confirm the patient’s readiness, address concerns, and accurately position the TMS coil to target the specific brain area involved, such as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) for depression. Precision in placing the TMS coil is critical to the treatment’s success. Additionally, technicians meticulously record patient responses during each session, maintaining detailed records essential for assessing progress and making necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. They also prioritize the patient’s comfort and safety, remaining present during the sessions to monitor and address any signs of anxiety or discomfort, thus ensuring a supportive and calming environment. Furthermore, TMS technicians provide education tailored to each patient’s needs, explaining the treatment process to alleviate concerns and foster understanding. Their ability to gauge patient preferences regarding information ensures that patients feel both informed and at ease. This personalized approach by TMS technicians significantly enhances the overall therapeutic experience, promoting optimal mental health outcomes.

source: https://neurostimtms.com/5-things-your-tms-technician-does-for-your-mental-health/


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