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Tire recycling, once an unconsidered endeavor, has evolved into a dynamic movement championed by top companies striving for environmental betterment. These enterprises have harnessed innovation and efficiency to reinvigorate the value of discarded tires, curbing landfill proliferation and rejuvenating desolate spaces.

5th Place – Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Securing 5th place, Scandinavian Enviro Systems annually recycles 30,000 tons of tires with a workforce of around 20 dedicated employees. Pioneering tire pyrolysis – the art of heating tire shreds to hundreds of degrees Celsius in an oxygen-deprived setting – this company generates gases, liquids, and solids as tire components disintegrate. Their revolutionary process involves cooling the resultant gases through condensation, producing pyrolysis oil. This versatile liquid can fuel machinery or foster chemical creation. Notably, solid byproducts, carbon black, and steel, are sold as valuable commodities.

4th Place – Green Distillation Technologies

Positioned in 4th place, Green Distillation Technologies from Australia excels with a patented pyrolysis approach. Repurposing 685,000 discarded tires annually, they channel tire breakdown into oil, carbon, and steel, all serving diverse industrial applications. Through captivating animations and a dedicated blog, their commitment to sustainability is spotlighted, earning them accolades for their environmental strides.

3rd Place – Genan

Grasping 3rd place, Genan of Denmark processes an astonishing 1,100 tons of tires daily. Versatile in their recycling scope, they cater not only to regular passenger car tires but also specialize in off-the-road (OTR) tire recycling, along with motorbike and truck tire reclamation. Their expansive operations span Denmark, Germany, Portugal, and the USA, cementing their status as tire recycling giants.

2nd Place – Lakin Tire

In 2nd place, Lakin Tire, founded a century ago, perpetuates tire recycling across the United States. Distinguishing themselves by sourcing from local waste tire reservoirs, they’ve shifted backroads and landfills from tire swamps to productive landscapes. Although recently acquired by a larger counterpart, their legacy as a tire recycling cornerstone persists.

1st Place – Liberty Tire Recycling

Crowned 1st, Liberty Tire Recycling stands as the global leader, recycling a staggering 194 million tires annually. Boasting an extensive network encompassing over 40 facilities across the United States and Canada, they engineer an array of rubber-based products, from tire-derived fuel to crumb rubber and rubber mulch. Their prowess lies in not just tire recycling, but in revolutionizing these materials into sought-after commodities.

Where is ECO Green Tire Recycling Equipment?

While not a direct competitor in recycling, ECO Green fuels tire recycling worldwide by providing advanced shredders, crumb rubber machines, and conveyor belts for rubber recycling plants. Esteemed tire recyclers rely on ECO Green’s specialized equipment to further their ecological initiatives.

In essence, while the tire recycling landscape isn’t truly a competition, the collective efforts of these companies foster a profound impact. Even smaller tire shredding enterprises, operating on a local scale, contribute to the wider movement. The emphasis isn’t solely on waste elimination, but on transforming discarded rubber into valuable resources, reshaping landscapes, and advancing environmental harmony. Together, through tireless innovation and collaboration, we unearth the potential within abandoned rubber rings, redefining their purpose and inspiring a cleaner, greener world.

source: https://ecogreenequipment.com/How-Top-Tire-Recycling-Companies-are-Cleaning-Up/


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