5 Truth and Lies of Dental Care Infographic

Let’s look at some of the prevalent myths around dental care and determine what is real, what is false, and what is a combination of both.

Sweets and Cavities

Decay and cavities are brought on by germs. But bacteria also enjoy sugar a lot. Therefore, sugar can undoubtedly foster a favorable environment for bacteria to flourish. Still, cavities won’t result from simply consuming candy. The true risk arises when we don’t thoroughly clean up after eating candy.

Anything that decomposes into sugars creates a bacteria feast, which is particularly hazardous when located in the space between your teeth. When consumed in excess, sugar can lead to weight gain because it weakens the immune system and produces various types of inflammation. However, it does not immediately cause cavities. What you consume may be more significant than what you don’t. Raw fruits and vegetables are a good source of energy. It’s similar to eating while brushing your teeth.


We should ideally brush our teeth at least twice daily, and more frequently if we consume something very sweet or sticky. After that caramel popcorn, if you can’t find a toothbrush, try some gum. It can remove the sticky pieces that would love to settle down and start causing problems with that.

There are some common misconceptions regarding how to brush your teeth. Harder is not always better and might even be harmful. If you want your tooth enamel to last for a while, be gentle with it. Angle and technique should be prioritized. To reach the gum line, where bacteria like to congregate with their unclean little companions and cause difficulty, angle the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle. Gentle circles are preferable to the vigorous back-and-forth brushing seen in the movies.

Frightening Dentists

Even with the most complicated surgeries, dentistry has advanced significantly, and pain is now frequently minimal or nonexistent. If going to the dentist gives you anxiety, finding the proper dentist is crucial. Look around until you locate a workplace that seems secure and welcoming. If visiting the dentist makes you extremely anxious, shop around until you locate a place where you feel at ease. You can start with very brief appointments that only involve basic cleanings until you feel more secure and at ease. Finding the appropriate dentist is crucial since they are there to assist you and, ideally, build a lasting relationship with you.

Sometimes the expense that follows a dental visit scares us more than the actual tools. Even if it’s an emergency dentist appointment, there are many fantastic options that offer dental care without insurance. Dentists will work with you to set up payment plans so you may receive the care you require at a cost that is manageable.

Infants and Pregnancy

There are arguments about when to begin care for teeth. It’s a frequent misperception that baby teeth don’t matter because they will eventually fall out. Although the teeth may not last very long, the habits—or lack thereof—do. Baby teeth impact speech, therefore it’s important to take proper care of them to prevent early tooth loss in your child. Besides keeping those baby pearls healthy and strong, brushing and flossing at a young age cultivates a good habit that will benefit your child always, even after all of those tiny gems have fallen asleep under the covers.

The mother’s teeth also need treatment while the baby develops. It’s a frequent misconception that pregnant women shouldn’t visit the dentist. Regular checkups are not just a great thing, but pregnancy can also raise the risk of gingivitis, so taking extra precautions and cleaning more frequently is not a terrible idea! However, if a significant treatment is required, make sure that each step is infant safe.

The Truth

Your Mouth Matters is the true truth. It not only works hard for you, but it also serves as a fantastic health indicator for the rest of your body. It’s worth the time and effort to create and keep up good oral practices.

source: https://myemergencydental.com/truth-and-lies-of-dental-care/


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