5 Types of Baseball Hats Infographic

Hats are not just for women and not just an accessory. Wearing hats of whatever types is the easiest way to make your attire refined. Hats are a timeless and great choice of accessories for men and women who want to dress up.

However, if you are new to this it can be a bit overwhelming to look those hats and figuring out what suits your style. Some hats are great for events using. Some are a very traditional and typical add-on to outfits. A hat style varies from places to places yet there are some that are pretty standards all over the world.

Here we provide you with the most iconic and recognizable hat types such;

     Baseball hats
     Top hats
     Bowler hats
     Cowboy hats
     Ten-gallon hats and others

Among those that we mentioned, baseball hats have been famous for a very long time. Usually, it is worn by athletes, musicians, sports fans and famous celebrities. Even though many argue that baseball hats don’t evolve – well for everyone’s information the baseball hats are now having variations such as new era hats, snapbacks, trucker hats, and flexfits.

Today, baseball hats are no longer just baseball hats. There are lots of variations – you probably not notice at first but we’ll give you a glimpse of how it differs from each other.

Five (5) Types of Baseball Hats

1. Five-Panel Hats – Made of five different panels

As the name suggests it is made of five different panels that meet at the top of the hat. These are traditionally comfortable. One of the well-known types is the athletic ball cap which is based on a hunting style hat but is more refined design with an adjustable strap at the back. It is usually are made of nylon or leather.

This hat can be made of ripstop nylon, canvas or suede.

2. Snapbacks – A 6-panel cap with a wide flat brim

This type of baseball hats has an adjustable snap on the back of it – this makes one size fits all type! Snapbacks are made especially for youngsters that love to dress-up. You can automatically recognize the real snapbacks because of the sticker on the peak. Recently, there are several brands that create their own sticker.

3. Flexfit Hats – Ideal for sports and casual wear

Typically it is made to resemble the average baseball hats. The flexfit hats are made with the six panels that are sewn in order to form the cap. Usually, it has embroidered eyelets for ventilation at the top of the hat and each of the 6 panels. The flexfit style has the same standard as the baseball style bill or brim which bulges from the front. The bill can either be curved, flat or depends on your preference.

4. Trucker Hats – Has mesh material for the side and rear

You may call it a mesh cap or netback cap also! This is famously known as “gimme cap” some call it as “feed cap.” During the 1960s this hat style is the trend, as a promotional giveaway to farmers, rural workers and truck drivers from farming supply companies.

5. Dad Hats – Designed for laidback wearer

What makes it different? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have merchandising brand on the front. This hat type has a slightly curved brim, that’s either made of canvas or cotton. Also, it is a bit oversized on the wearer; unless you are a dad already then it perfectly fits for you.

So now you know the types of baseball hats. Yet, remember before buying any of it, you must know your size by measuring your head and refer to a hat fitting chart.

Don’t buy a close fitting one that will make you uncomfortable or will leave red marks on your forehead. A hat should fit well to stay on your head when you lean over as well as it can hold strongly even in the blowing winds.

source: https://acmehatco.com/hats-off-to-variety/


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