5 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry and their Benefits Infographic

It is not arguable but you will feel more comfortable about making friends or even building a network with professionals if you have a nice and pleasant looking teeth and mouth. It can reflect the kind of person that you are. How is this possible? A person with yellowish teeth due to smoking or unhygienic practices when they were young may not be able to smile properly because they don’t want others to see it. However, this is not a hopeless case because of technological developments in the 21st century; cosmetics have been made possible not only in your skin or face but also in the field of dentistry. What are your options? Check which of the following types of cosmetic dentistry will be beneficial to you.

1. Do your teeth seem to have holes in between? Or has any of your tooth decayed and it is no longer a whole tooth? For these cases, you can opt for filling inlays or onlays. When the tooth has decayed so much that it can no longer hold a filling, an inlay can be used. It is a process by which a filling is added in the surface of your teeth while an onlay is used to cover the entire surface of the tooth. Nonetheless, you can ask a dentist which you should prefer.

2. If you want a more sophisticated way of resolving tooth problems, you can also opt for composite bonding. It is a procedure in which a damaged tooth will be covered with a material that looks like the actual enamel of your teeth.

3. There are some people who really have yellow teeth while to some the discoloration is caused by unhealthy habits. If you want to get whiter teeth you can go teeth bleaching. This is a procedure by which your teeth are being whitened through bleaching trays or lights. The discoloration of the teeth could have been caused by tartar or plaque. The bleaching trays will scrape these plaques out leaving whiter and better-looking teeth.

4. Some people have a dilemma because almost all of their teeth have fallen out because it has totally decayed and causing only bad breath. More so, if they get ordinary dentures, it does not look like their original teeth and it makes them even less confident when they are talking because they fear that the denture will fall whenever they talk. Worry no more because dental veneers are now available. Using cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers will appear like your original teeth with the same color and size. And, it will be attached to your gums as if it was your original teeth.

5. What if you want a replacement for your teeth but you don’t want a veneer or a denture? Is this possible? Yes, there is what you call dental implants. The process includes inserting a titanium screw in your jaw because it will serve as support to the teeth itself (called crown by dentists). It will feel like your teeth are really there.

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