5 Types of Office Interior Signs Infographic

Since the dawn of time, signage has been used to facilitate communication. And today, it continues to be an integral piece of a successful business, from helping customers navigate your office space, notifying the public about policies or services, and providing directions when required.

To make sure that your workplace is using its best possible sign selection for optimal efficiency and results, here are five types of corporate interior signs you should consider:

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are an effective tool to showcase your company’s identity and can be used to communicate its mission statement, desired customer base, and culture. Installing lobby signs is an excellent way for visitors to get acquainted with you in a matter of moments. If you want them to be genuinely eye-catching, consider materials such as brushed aluminum, acrylic, wood, or glass.

Reception Signages

Visitors will encounter the reception area and its signage when they step in. It is a crucial element in creating an unforgettable first impression. Not only should your signs be visually stunning, but they should also be easily readable. It’s vital to incorporate your company’s logo or name for recognition. Additionally, you can utilize this space as a platform to honor exemplary employees of the year or those who have achieved impressive objectives within the organization, elevating your business’ reputation and status.

Directional Signs

Wayfinding signs are essential for ensuring that individuals don’t become lost and end up in the wrong building. Through wayfinding signage, organizations can promote a sense of order, harmony, and organization to those within their space. This signage helps reduce anxiety by guiding people where they need to be while connecting them with businesses or staff members. Furthermore, thoughtful signage aids companies in adhering to ADA guidelines. In summary, efficient wayfinding is integral to creating positive experiences.

Company Policy Signs

By clearly displaying company rules and regulations within the workplace, organizations can create a sense of equal treatment among employees that encourages respect and compliance. Posting policy signs ensures everyone is aware of expectations related to behavior, dress code, or consequences for misconduct and helps establish uniform standards across staff members.

Furthermore, the government has specific regulations that companies must make clear to their workers and visitors. These may include zoning rules, labor laws, or other business ordinances. Interior office signs provide an easy way for individuals to access this essential information quickly if they have any questions.

Safety Signs

Ensuring the well-being of your personnel and patrons is paramount. Safety signs can denote potential hazards or hazardous areas in the workplace, conveying crucial instructions such as restrictions about dangerous materials or emergency exits. These should always be placed strategically with clarity and understanding for all who view them, allowing everyone in your space to benefit from their presence.

Overall, interior office signs are instrumental in effectively communicating with employees and visitors, creating a safe and harmonious work environment. Investing in custom signage that reflects your brand identity while also abiding by government regulations, ensures everyone is aware of any safety protocols and company policies. Not only will this enable a pleasant experience for all who enter, but it can also help strengthen your business’ reputation by showcasing an organized and well-run office.

source: https://www.modernhousenumbers.com/blogs/news/five-types-of-interior-signage-every-office-should-have


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