5 Ways Employees Can Compromise Security Infographic

Have you heard about an inside job? Organizations of today are at risk with people who immerse themselves with the company, participate in the achievements of its goals and even play a significant role. Unfortunately, these are simply their ways to get inside the company and have access to its files, assets and confidential information. As an employer or owner of the building, you must pay attention to your employees especially those who have odd behavior. Also, some employees had developed changes in their perceptions, attitudes, and behavior towards the organization because of certain circumstances that were not in their favor. This infographic will make you realize that there could be an employee who simply wants to harm you and the organization.

1. Feedback is intended to provide the employees with a better perspective on how else they could do their job and be effective and efficient as possible. However, as not all individuals will view things the same way, some of these feedbacks may be taken negatively by the employee. If they felt that they were unfairly treated and criticized for their actions, you need to watch over their attitude. How can you determine whether they take the feedback positively or not? Ask a few of his/her friends because they would share their resentments with them.

2. It is expected that when an employee does not like the policies of the organization, they would just tender their resignation. Unfortunately, before they hand over their resignation letter, they would still say bad things about the company spread unhappiness among the other members of the organization.

3. Have you allowed flexi-time in the office? Though studies show that it is a motivating scheme for the employees who find it difficult to travel very early, this can also give leeway to your employees to access your database remotely. You need to install a system that will allow you to track who is accessing what files and when do they do it. Those who often access it on strange hours must have a reason for doing so. What could it be should be known to the management?

4. Who are the employees who will be highly tempted to sabotage or do bad things to the company? The chances are high among those employees who have financial problems. You might not be allowed to have full access over their financial records but you can simply check on their lifestyle.

5. On the other hand, a person who seemed to have a sudden fortune can be suspicious. Unless it was announced that they won the lottery, there could be another reason why they got their fortune. Selling company information or stealing organizational asset can be a bounty for some.

6. You need to be extra careful about the employees that you have. Not because they just keep quiet during meetings, they hold no anger or resentment towards the company. Getting to know them better through various activities or background checks can be beneficial for the company. More so, it is a proactive act on the part of the management.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/are-your-employees-compromising-company-security/


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