5 Ways Stress Can Affect Your Teeth Infographic

Stress is never good for the body. It makes the body prone to many diseases from simple to complex and hard to deal with illnesses. One of the early manifestations of stress is teeth problems. How? There are studies proving that when a person is stressed, they tend to overeat, especially sweets. Because of these, several teeth problems occur. So, what if your teeth will be affected? Can’t smile, no self-confidence and can’t mingle with other people are some of the results of poor teeth conditions. That is why it is recommended that you try to relieve and manage the stress that is engulfing yourself. In this infographic, you can see some of the top problems you will have if you can’t keep your stress level low.

1. The body can produce disease-fighting bacteria on its own. However, when stress levels are high, the body finds it hard to produce this bacteria resulting in the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. In turn, this could cause gum diseases.

2. As mentioned above, you tend to eat anything that you can see in your fridge. For sure, you’ve got time in your life when you go home stressed; you open the refrigerator and eat the food you see first. Therefore, stress can be a cause of poor oral hygiene.

3. Are you familiar with canker sores? This is the lesions that you can see inside your house. When you see this, it is so encouraging to poke it. However, let it be and it will just heal on its own or you can probably get some over the counter medication. Actually, stress is not directly related to canker sores but sure enough, stress is one of its causes.

4. Another problem caused by stress is dry mouth. Studies show that it is a common effect of depression and anxiety. When you’ve got this, you would want to drink cold beverages which are also not good for the body.

5. Snoring and bruxism are also common among highly stressed individuals. Bruxism is the technical term for teeth grinding. This provides an irritating and annoying sound when you are asleep. It can disrupt the work of your roommate. However, if you think that being alone when you sleep is a way to avoid disrupting other people’s sleep, you are wrong. Teeth grinding can be dangerous to your teeth because it might be painful especially upon waking up. More so, bruxism may cause other problems such as losing a tooth or gum problems.

6. This infographic also provides ways you can fight stress problems. You can start by exercising daily and drinking plenty of water. It keeps your body hydrated. Also, you must avoid alcohol; reduce caffeine intake and self-medicating.

7. There are also things that will not make you do anything, instead, just taking deep breaths. Inhaling and exhaling peacefully can clear your mind. That sounds like an effective start to de-stress yourself.

8. Sleep is a luxury in these modern times but if you want to keep your stress level low, make it a priority. If it is too much to handle, consider asking for professional counseling to avoid depression.

source: https://www.feltfamilydentistry.com/five-ways-stress-can-affect-your-teeth/


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