5 Ways To Avoid Injection Pump Failure Infographic

Vehicles use the fuel by moving it from the tank to the engine’s cylinders. That is where it is mixed with air and internal combustion happens, creating power for the vehicle. The diesel fuel injection pump transports the fuel from the tank to the cylinder. It plays a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning of the diesel engine. That is why you should keep an eye out for it. Recognize any issue and know what to do when it is not working its best.

Symptoms of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Failure

Sputtering Engine

If the diesel engine sputters while driving, it could indicate a failing diesel engine pump. A sputtering engine is a warning that the diesel engine pump needs to be inspected by a skilled eye.

Surge of Power

A gasoline pump that has begun to wear or age may have inconsistent motor resistance. There could be times of high pressure, which would cause the car to suddenly accelerate.

Loss of Power

Large towing or pulling loads can put a strain on the fuel injector pump in a vehicle. The added strain could lead to the pump’s components failing before they should. It can cause a loss of power that could be as much as 50% of what the car was supplying you with before.

Refusal to Start

If the engine cranks when you remove the key but don’t immediately fire up, you most likely have a damaged fuel injector pump.

Causes and Prevention of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Failure

Here we will break down several factors that contribute to a failing engine pump. The steps you can take to prevent it from happening are also included.

Incorrect Fuel

Cause: Using petrol fuel in the diesel engine can cause damage.
Prevention: Try your best to exclusively refuel your car with diesel. If you realize you put gasoline in your tank by accident, don’t even try to start your diesel engine. Tow your car and totally drain the fuel from the engine. Hire a professional to do it.

Fuel Contamination

Cause: Contaminated or unclean fuel can result in problems.
Prevention: Purchase fresh diesel fuel only from reliable vendors. Opt for a busy provider to receive fresh and less likely tainted fuel. Never put fuel into your engine from a source you cannot verify. Keep your fuel tank tightly closed to keep water and other contaminants from getting inside. Additionally, fill up your petrol tank as frequently as you can. Fuel that is fully stocked in a tank prevents pollutants from getting inside.

Lack of Filter Maintenance

Cause: Filter pieces can get into the gasoline and harm the pump if they are not maintained or quality filters are not used.
Prevention: Drain the fuel filter housings and change the cartridge annually.

Running Out of Fuel

Cause: Some diesel pumps can’t be totally depleted before being filled again. These vehicles may sustain harm if the entire tank of fuel is used.
Prevention: Don’t let the vehicle run out of diesel fuel.


Cause: Some adjustments, such as engine tune or the use of cetane-boosting fuel additives, can severely impact the amount of wear and tear on the fuel pump.
Prevention: Before changing your engine, speak with a qualified mechanic about potential issues.

A skilled mechanic can assist you if you are concerned about the condition of your diesel fuel injection pump. We have components for every type of diesel engine in our sizable online inventory, so if you’re looking for new diesel injection pump parts, go no further.

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