5 Ways to Cultivate Christ-Centered Kids Infographic

The world at large can appear to be a frightening place to a parent. Cyberbullying’s risks might keep you up at night. Kids need a solid, Christ-centered foundation as they handle this social media and content-centered world. This is the enduring foundation for developing good self-love at a young age. Here are five strategies for encouraging our children to develop robust, Christ-centered self-esteem.

Be There

As a parent, life can become so hectic that it can be difficult to breathe. You’re attempting to figure out a balance between your own job and home responsibilities and the duty of getting your children to activities like sports practices, doctor appointments, and other events. However, it’s crucial to constantly remember that loving and serving your children comes before all other obligations.

Children need affection, nurturing, and attention during their formative primary school years. Because of our busy schedules and other diversions, we occasionally fail to recognize when we start to become emotionally and physically absent. Always show compassion in a Christlike manner. It is our responsibility to create a secure atmosphere because if we don’t, they won’t carry their light and self-assurance with them to school or anywhere else.

Lead by Example

Leading by example is something we respect highly at The Academy of Scholars. Be mindful of your actions and words when you are in front of your children, they have impressionable eyes and hearing. Watch out for obsessing over your weight, ruminating on a past error, and comparing yourself to other people. You can’t expect your kid to not notice if you do it. Teach your kids that Jesus and you adore them unconditionally; they don’t need to do anything to earn it.

Encourage Healthy After-School Activities

Our children’s preschool and primary school years will shape them in a variety of ways. To help our kids develop academically, spiritually, physically, and socially, we must promote healthy, Christian-based activities and instill in them the value of balance.

Make sure your children strike the right balance between self-improvement and helping others. Teach them to value school, sports, and church not only for their own personal growth but also for the opportunity to serve, learn from others, and grow more in line with Jesus.

Prepare Them for Challenging Circumstances

If we’ve planned for the right situation and decided how to respond beforehand, it will be much simpler to make the right choice when faced with a difficult option. Teaching your kids the difference between right and wrong will empower them to make moral choices with pride and assurance and prevent them from being caught off guard or perplexed when faced with difficult circumstances.

Monitor Their Internet Usage

Your children may not like you now for it, but they will eventually love you for it. It can be difficult to feel as though we are violating our child’s privacy at times. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to guide them away from harmful material that might rewire their brains and spark harmful addictions in young people.

source: https://academyofscholars.com/5-ways-to-help-your-child-build-a-healthy-christ-centered-self-esteem/


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